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A living being or presence wif visible boobs.
Da Bible seems awfully gender-biased in dat all of da winged spirits alluded to in said highly-controversial book are implied to be male. Why can't there also be an entitty or two included in da mix, to kinda "balance things out" a bit better??
by QuacksO December 25, 2021
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A businessperson who really "goes on on a limb" in da culinary department.
Coca-Cola really committed an entreepreneurial flub when they tried releasing a reformulated beverage instead of their classic recipe.
by QuacksO June 7, 2021
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A comestibles supplier, vendor, or consultant who specializes in appetizers.
Garfield claims to be expert in food-related matters, but seeing as how he is just a crude edibles-vacuum who will gluttonously chow down on just about anything that tastes even marginally good, I'd hardly label him as much of an entréepreneur!
by QuacksO July 22, 2021
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A risk-tasking businessman who dabbles in higher-priced seafood.
Duncan Berry is a famous entreprawneur who started out as a workman on a fishing-boat and ended up creating a multi-million dollar seafood-production outfit that supplies over 6000 stores.
by QuacksO March 4, 2022
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A paper document-slipcover dat contains a large check, passport, or other important item dat permits you to clandestinely run off wif yer sweetheart and get married.
In da 1924 Harold Lloyd movie "Girl Shy", da publisher's $3000 advance-royalty check arrived in an envELOPE for da currently-of-merely-da-working-class Harold; he realized dat da money would allow him to marry his rich-girl heart-throb, even if her parents would have reservations about a union of such unequal social status.
by QuacksO November 23, 2020
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An assortment so diverse and radically-eccentric that one actually risks a seizure from trying to take it all in.
From what I've heard, Woodstock was an epiclectic mix of counterculture and entertainment such as had never been seen before nor has ever been seen since... zheeesh, I wish I could have been there to experience it for myself!
by QuacksO November 26, 2018
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Sarcastic term for when someone with "sticky fingers" embarks on a wildly-rampaging "seizure" of other people's stuff.
When authorities searched a dwelling that was jam-packed with stolen merchandise, the lead investigator eyeball-rollingly remarked to his companions that the place looked like the proceeds of an epikleptic fit.
by QuacksO November 26, 2018
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