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The merely aesthetically-corrective/improving alterations performed by sneaky, dishonestly-clever credit-repair specialists to seemingly/temporarily improve your credit score or financial history so that you can obtain better "plastic" ("What's in **your** wallet?!??") for the time being.
Just like wrinkle-removal or breast-augmentation, credit-based plastic surgery is only temporary, and will deteriorate over time --- yep, the chickens'll still come home to roost; you're only delaying the agony till later.
by QuacksO March 22, 2017

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Refers to the ultimate in "benefits" when speaking of a lady's being a "friend with benefits", in that the friendship includes access to the "fringe" between her legs.
My new Internet girlfriend isn't much to look at or even all that interesting company, but at least she comes with fringe benefits.
by QuacksO January 17, 2014

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May refer to {1} a fanatical degree of determination that actually drives someone to pursue an interest or idea to the death, or {2} a super-hooked and eternally **grateful** fan of the (in)famous rock band.
I'm so filled with deadication that I'm gonna don my lightning-skull t-shirt and chain myself to a tree.
by QuacksO January 09, 2014

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A mental condition of excessive selfishness. Can eventually lead to me-osis if left unchecked or untreated.
Neighbor: Zheesh, that closed-minded guy next door has sure got a serious case of “I-itis”! Wouldn’t surprise me if it turns into “me-osis” before too long!
by QuacksO April 05, 2012

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Someone who obsessively collects antique glass bottles in the hope that there may be a genie in one of them.
Guy #1: Zheesh, dude, look at all those colored glass bottles sitting in the windows of that old fart's mansion. Must be a thousand of them!
Guy #2: Yeah, bud; weird, huh? Must be a genieologist.
by QuacksO January 28, 2012

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A man’s penis. Usually referred to this way in a tone of sarcastic disgust, when the speaker (usually female) is mildly-to-moderately irritated.
“Attentive” boyfriend: How did you sleep last night, honey?
Exasperated girl: I didn’t sleep a wink --- how could I sleep with your wienerschnitzel poking at me all night?!
by QuacksO September 25, 2011

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A man’s penis. Usually referred to by an intimately-involved female to express indignation at the guy’s apparent practice of thinking only with his dick.
He: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
She: Well, if THAT’S how you feel, then I say, why buy the entire PIG just to get a little SAUSAGE?! (Acknowledgements to Andy Rooney)
by QuacksO September 25, 2011

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