1. adj: Being in a state of awareness; alert (Antonym: Ignorant)

2. adj: Meaningful; with intent

3. adj: Awake; alive (Antonyms: Unconscious, "Knocked-Out")

See also consciousness
Definition 1: Alan was conscious that his decision would decide for the entire jury.

Definition 2: Jason made the conscious choice to ignore his brother's warnings and went to the party.

Definition 3: After being hit by the falling brick, he was lucky to still be conscious.
by Valiton Aloysius July 12, 2005
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Conscious awareness of ironic consciousness. Awareness that one's consciousness is a self-actualized linearization of time that originates from cyclical time origins. Awareness that the existentialism (cyclical) of consciousness is counterposed to its actualization (linearity). Understanding that one cannot traverse linear time to the past and that the future and present concurrently (cyclically) impact each other.
Conscious irony is the understanding that you cannot travel back to the linear past you can only move to the cyclical future which is the eternal now.
by sandrashine July 30, 2017
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When a person notices something in its utter fullness and reality, often in a meditative state.
We stepped out into the bright moonlight at Asilomar and it seemed like as we walked there was a continuous state of complete conscious awaring taking place, all the way to the brightly illuminated tide pools.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 12, 2020
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The level to which you analyze and look over your actions and thoughts.
Some one with a high level of Conscious awareness is very likely to not get angry or angry for a long period, as they are quickly aware of this thought process and do not allow it to influence them in a negative way
by Gookiskhan September 19, 2015
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to be aware of fecal girth and volume when using a toilet. if a deposit of feces is too large for the plumbing in question, an early "courtesy flush" is definitely in order, sometimes in mid-loaf.

if one is properly turd-conscious, no plumbing disasters will occur.
i was visiting my in-laws when i had to take a huge dump. fortunately i am turd-conscious and employed a quick courtesy flush; therefore, averting an embarrassing need for a plunger... or even worse, an overflow of tainted water.
by phil condit April 22, 2003
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1. excessively aware of being observed by others.
2. conscious of oneself or one's own being.
Jamie is so self-conscious, she doesn't realise how great she is.
by ah-gra-agam August 1, 2008
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Irony's tendency to reference itself in skeumorphic form from one culturally-manifestive medium to the next. Irony as a self-referencing (meta-meta - - > self-actualized) entity. Culturally-manifestive mediums include literary--> cinematic - - > existential - - > aesthetic - - > conscious.
Conscious irony or irony's ability to self - reference from one medium to the next implies that it is self-sentient; that consciousness is an attribute of irony rather than irony being an attribute of consciousness
by tomorrowtomorrow July 30, 2017
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