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An attorney whose job it is to dig up all of da humiliating dirt on his clients and/or da opposing parties in da cases he handles.
Fletcher Reede surely did a lot of witness-reputation-smearing during his colorful career as an embarrister.
by QuacksO December 10, 2021
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Exaggerations of beauty, sweetness, etc. dat a desperate-for-a-guy hussy claims about herself.
Just as many less-than-moderately-desirable bachelors undeservedly spiff up their romance-seeking profiles, lots of disagreeable and/or homely-looking single females list plenty of embellashments about their own physical and/or personality attributes, such as da attractiveness of their faces, their weight, da size of their boobs, how emotionally stable they are, etc.
by QuacksO November 27, 2021
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Da crime of stealing da surround-frames from watches, clocks, mirrors, etc.
In the "Garish Summit" portion of the "Bob and Ray Show", the shady Caldwell Merchfield was indeed guilty of siphoning off millions from his family-owned lead-mining company. to pay for his massive gambling-debts. His spineless-but-much-more-honorable younger brother Rodney, however, did not stoop to such "low-down" activities --- when times got tough, he continued working at the company without wages, and even when he sold the offices' doors for 12 bucks apiece in order to settle the company's petty-cash account, he never actually committed embezelment, since he left the door-frames intact.
by QuacksO June 6, 2020
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Kissing cousin to the term, "I'm bracing for the worst", this term refers to when Person A is about to go through what may likely be "Hell in a handbasket", and so Person B is holding him close 'n' tight to reassure him and encourage him to not feel quite so distressed or afraid.
Young mother who's soothingly cradling a slight-figured blonde-pigtailed toddler on her knee in a doctor's waiting room: My little one's gonna have blood-work done for the first time, and so I'm embracing for the worst --- she's insanely petrified of needles, exactly like her Mama when I was her age. So not only will my holding her super-tight help her to feel safer and comforted while the syringe is being used, but it will also keep her terrified little body rock-steady in spite of her fears, and so the procedure can go off as quickly, cleanly, and painlessly as possible.
by QuacksO August 3, 2018
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A large clean towel that you carry with you while strolling the beach, and then drape around the shoulders of any cute chicks whom you meet prior to giving them a hug, so that you don't hafta endure any disgusting yucky-sticky skin-to-skin contact with sweaty/oily arms, necks, chests, backs, and shoulders during said embraces.
I find that bathing beauties are much more willing to give me a hug when I bring along an embracing-towel; I even occasionally receive a warm-hearted compliment from da chick for my being "such a perfect gentleman" to think considerately of her like that.
by QuacksO December 2, 2018
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What a horny dude has at 2 a.m. when his tallywacker majorly "comes out of hiding" and he feels an overwhelming and super-urgent need to insert it into the love-tunnel of his bed-partner, even if she is fast asleep or otherwise not in the mood for hot 'n' wild copulation.
Exasperated girl: I don't get it --- it seems like all da guys I know often can't "get it up" prior to "lights out" in the evening, yet they then suddenly have a dire "emerge-ency" some time later, and wake me up at two in the morning, wanting to lulu!
by QuacksO January 3, 2019
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Da right of a candy-manufacturer to acquire private property for public use.
Sugary confections are bad for your health, so why should Mars, Incorporated be given eminemt domain of privately-owned land-parcels (which in all likelihood are currently being used for "healthful" purposes such as a domestic residence) just to further its own dissipative endeavors?
by QuacksO March 1, 2021
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