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The American state just south of the New England region where graphite-cored writing-instruments are manufactured.
I was helping my elderly aunt to tidy up the basement in her Susquehanna County summer-house, and I came across a jumbled desk-drawer partly full of shiny new yellow and orange “erasable No. 2’s”; I joked with her that I’d "finally found the pencils in Pencilvania”.
by QuacksO November 08, 2018

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An acronym used as a “time out” or “let’s change the subject” protest on Instant Messenger. Stands for TOO MUCH INFORMATION, indicating that the speaker feels personally violated by his chat buddy’s latest message, probably because it contains details that are either too personal (i.e.: sexual, medically-private, describing one’s deeply-rooted fantasy, etc.) or are of the type that would likely turn one’s stomach, being revolting, gory, or otherwise overly graphic.
Online guy #1: I felt sick yesterday after a “hot’n’heavy” session with my plump new co-worker, so I had to have my stomach pumped, and the contents examined. There were some residues of lipstick, but at least there were no weevils.
Online guy #2: Uhhhhggggghhh… TMI, dude…
by QuacksO November 12, 2011

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Where an arrogant/disgruntled/overly-confident client "turns the tables" and attempts to counsel the psychologist.
Dr. Phil: Let's talk about your childhood.
Madea (cheerfully): Let's talk about YOUR childhood.
Dr. Phil. Talkin' about MY childhood isn't gonna help YOU out. Okay, let's try a different route. Do you sleep well at night?
Madea (with an impish breezy smile): Do YOU sleep well at night?
Dr. Phil (passing his hand over his face in a "I can't handle this --- NOBODY could talk any sense into this woman" gesture): Look --- I ain't gonna be able to help ya if you're gonna practice reverse psychology here!
by QuacksO December 25, 2016

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Da "feel good" chemical dat your brain produces while you're interacting wif a nice lady named Sarah. (Can also be spelled "Saratonin", too, of course, if one or more of da Miss Smileysweets who's giving you companionship has an abbreviated" spelling of her name.)
If you make a point of diligently cultivating/maintaining friendships wif all of da sweetie-chicks in town named Sarah and learning each of their work/school/friends/family-time schedules, you will have a better chance of being able to spend time wif at least one of dem at various times throughout da day (i.e., if one cutie usually has da mornings free, you can go visit her for a while after breakfast, and then head over to another gal's house/workplace to spend her lunch-hour wif her, and then amble across town to hang out wif a third blinky-eyed damsel in da afternoon if dat's when she has time off), and so your overall mood during da day will be calmer and more stable because your brain will be able to produce Sarahtonin on a more regular basis.
by QuacksO October 31, 2019

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Referring to a gal's fantasy-idea of a perfect fuzzy-chested snuggle-buddy, this type of fellow not only treats his lady right and is kind, gentle, smart, funny, etc., but he also always keeps an eye on how she's resting while taking a nap, and then he immediately wakes her up whenever her agonized tossing and/or whimpering indicates that she's having a nightmare, so that she doesn't have to needlessly suffer from the bad dream for even one instant longer.
Groggy red-eyed dude: I love how Tiffany adoringly calls me her dream guy and always lets me sleep with her, but she sometimes has several nightmares back-to-back which oblige me to keep waking her up and then soothing her back to sleep again, and so I often don't get much shut-eye myself!
by QuacksO December 24, 2017

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Refers to a situation, cooperative agreement, lucky break, social or intellectual breakthrough, etc. which the speaker finds or considers to be so wonderful, satisfying, relieving, emotionally fulfilling, etc. that it is even better than being merely "sweet". Often said to the provider of the exceptional condition, either to express the speaker's profound joy or to show his unparalleled appreciation for the provider's concerted efforts in accommodating him.
Contractor: Business has been quite slow lately at the heavy-equipment yard, so with a bit of bargaining and negotiating, I was able to get the weekend dozer-rental at a 50% savings, which I'll pass long to you.
Homeowner: Schweet...!
by QuacksO December 05, 2011

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A biased critic's term meaning "Sunshine-State Stupidity", generally used when referring to ballot-card-punching issues, handgun-control, etc.
Y2K Presidential Election --- we put the "duh" in FloriDUH!
by QuacksO November 13, 2011

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