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The act of taking an unreasonably-high number of "turn to the side, please" mug-shots of Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, etc., due to one's prejudice against said minorities.
While racial profiling is indeed wrong and humiliating, taking excessive numbers of head-on photos of non-Caucasians is disgraceful and demeaning, also.
by QuacksO November 22, 2019

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That rural Canadian province which is home to the majority of the Bigfoot population.
I'm gonna make a trip to Sasquatchewan and see if I have any luck sighting a Bigfoot.
by QuacksO December 29, 2012

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Infamous vertically-challenged 19th-century Corsican emperor with a penchant for high explosives. Majorly suffering from "little-man syndrome", he would often resort to blowing up everything around him in a desperate attempt to be noticed; this usually failed because (A) everyone within a ten-mile radius would always evacuate as soon as he started his countdown, and (B) nobody could see him through all the smoke and flying debris in the aftermath of his "glorious" handiwork.
Citizen (hearing loud explosion in distance): Well --- sounds like old Napoleon Blownapart is at it again down in the quarry!
by QuacksO April 24, 2012

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Often-misunderstood-by-adults term used by teenagers to honestly describe their early years of careful and accident-free driving ("my early wreckless years"). Parents and authorities, naturally, are usually way too thick-headed and closed-minded to realize what the virtuous teens are referring to, and so they continue to criticize the teens as being scatterbrained and out of control, rather than praising them for their exceptional lifestyles and commendable habits.
Parole officer: So, young man, I understand you've been drinking for three years now?
Teen: Yeah, I started way back in my wreckless years.
Parole officer (disgustedly): Ahhhh... so you had no brain-sense back THEN, either, eh?
Teen: No, no, no... what i meant was ---
Parole officer (impatiently): Nah-ah --- no need to explain. I believe I am getting the picture perfectly loud and clear. I'm gonna recommend another three months' probation for the likes of you.
by QuacksO April 03, 2012

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What I'd honestly thought the hot-bodied gym-teacher had meant when she spoke to me while momentarily preoccupied with some paperwork prior to helping me with my workout; as you might imagine, I subsequently felt kinda stupid after seeing her shocked expression when she glanced back up from her desk --- still fully garbed in her own exercise-outfit --- and saw me standing there stark-naked in front of her.
Anytime a hot chick says, "bare with me", I prudently wait to see if she actually starts to disrobe herself before I drop my own trousers... she might have simply meant that she wanted me to be patient with her while she processed an unavoidable delay before joining and/or assisting me.
by QuacksO July 28, 2019

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A top government official who oversees the health of the world's fish population.
Warning: The Sturgeon General has determined that mercury is hazardous to a fish's health.
by QuacksO February 24, 2015

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Opposite of "yesterday", so it must mean "tomorrow". Oh, right --- of course it does --- it's spelled a lot like, "not today", so it must mean a subsequent day from the present one.
Or maybe "noterday" refers to the weekly 24 hours when all the "noters" perform their assigned clerical duties in a noter republic.
by QuacksO March 26, 2019

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