Description of HELL

Overwhelmingly hot and/or humid
The torrid pits of hell awaiteth the sinner, if he so choose to believeth in it
by larstait October 12, 2003
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I love torrid there clothes rock fukk skinny b1tches
by YOUR MOM October 25, 2003
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A fat female. More precisely, a woman who is clinically overweight according to the body mass index, or has visible rolls on the abdomen, chin, armns, buttocks, legs, ankles, and/or ears.
Did you see that heifer? She's hella torrid!
by Uvaviva May 1, 2005
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Intolerably lengthy, demanding or dull.
He's writing a book about the history of the semi-colon, you say? Torrid!

I've had a torrid afternoon at the photocopyer.
by Johnson's Johnson May 5, 2005
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An awesome clothing store made by the same people that made Hot Topic. It has all types of clothing, in sizes Large-4XL.
A very nice alternative for women with a little extra bagage.
Tori:Hey Tatem, Where did you get that cute top?!
Tatem:Well gee wiz Tori, I got it at Torrid!
by <3 Tatem May 7, 2006
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1. The area (zone) on the surface of the planet between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.

2. extremely hot and dry or hot as in passionate

3. a clothing store which retails to women of a Large or bigger size.
1. Most of Africa is located inside the Torrid Zone.

2. The Sahara Desert is torrid and vast.

3. Torrid provides Hot Topic clothes to the market of larger woman.
by SniperZero1 December 18, 2008
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When you have hard sex and your vagina rips open
by Jaaackjohnson2 January 23, 2017
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