Defining words on urban dictionary rather than doing your homework.

See also : running out of precious time
I'm doing terribly at university, my math assignment is due tomorrow morning, it is not a good idea to be on this site right now.
by TheCupIsHalfBowl March 22, 2018
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Person A: You know what sounds like a good idea?
Person B: What?
Person A: Robbing that bank.
by Tommy Scofflaw November 16, 2007
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A mythical creature that causes upper level management to impose changes to standard operating procedures in an attempt to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place. These changes usually inflict undue stress and/or hardship on subordinates while having no negative effects on the decision maker.

Origin: US Military
The good idea fairy must be hanging out in Mr. Smith's office again. He just decided that we need to change the font on our 75 slide power point presentation to sans-serif 16.
by SOCM Doc January 11, 2014
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Military term; An evil mythical creature that whispers advice and ideas into the ears of military leadership, causing hundreds unnecessary changes and countless wasted man-hours every year. The Good Idea Fairy should be shot on sight if she is seen in your area.
Great! The CO has says that we need to provide a 24 hour guard over the weekend for the empty tents out on training area 17. He must've been visited by the good idea fairy.
by Trav September 27, 2004
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Military term; Primary mode of transporation for good idea fairies. GIF's usually come around in groups, hence the need for a bus.
Wonderful! The CO has said that we need to update our communications to the field daily in order to accurately reflect the current messaging and strategy from the command. We also need to update the messaging on the web site to reflect this directive. The good idea bus must have stopped down hall.

by Jester2120 September 15, 2006
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The high pressure person who always thinks they have a better idea than everyone else. As a result, nobody wants to work with them.

Origin: US Military
Why didn’t we carry those boxes like the sergeant said? Then we wouldn’t all be in trouble!
Oh yeah, it was that good idea fairy who logiced her way through it and decided we didn’t need to.
Well that’s just great. Everybody thank the fucking good idea fairy for all that logic that nobody cared about in the first place.
by Das Erlebnis February 2, 2022
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a valid excuse for a really bad mistake, can only be used once
Wife: I cant believe you had sex with those two strippers, then you had the nerve to bring them to the house and make them breakfast.

Husband: Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Wife: I bet it did, it was a bad idea and you are a ass hole for thing it was

Husband: Well, that did not cross my mind at the time. I never banged to hot bitches at the same time and two bitches at the same time is always a good idea.

Rumored to be what Bill Clinton said when asked about Monica Lewinsky during his 1999 impeachment hearing.
by Dave Lickersnach April 8, 2015
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