47 definitions by Qit

1) A plush toy in the form of a bear cub.

2) A big, beefy guy who looks like he'd be fun to cuddle.
"The little boy fell asleep hugging a teddy bear."

"Abraham Benrubi is such a teddy bear!"
by Qit January 23, 2004
See FA, but usually refers to gay guys who prefer BHM.
"He's such a chubby-chaser...if anything, he has a worse crush on Steve Harwell than I do."
by Qit February 26, 2004
A fat admirer; usually but not always a gay male one. Also, chubby-chaser.
"What's a FA?"
"I believe the more common term is 'chubby chaser.'"
by Qit May 8, 2005
An Infiniti for the cheapskate set. (It's true. Trust me on this.)

Nearly everyone in NorCal drives them. (In my town, it's Sentras and Maximas, with Altimas a close third.)
"What kind of car did he get?"
"He lives in Mendocino, so it must be some Nissan model."
by Qit February 27, 2004
See qipao, but refers specifically to the long-skirted version.
"Once I've got the spare money, I'm getting one of those blue satin cheongsams from the import shop!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
People who get off on teddy bears, mascot costumes, and German shepherds.  Often confused with furries, who are no more or less than anthropomorphics fans.
"Thanks to all the furverts, you can't even browse Yerf without someone looking at you funny nowadays!"
by Qit January 12, 2004
1) A short, squatty little penis which circumference exceeds its length when erect.

2) A creep.

3) An awful guy named Chad.

4) The perineum.

Also spelled "chode."
"If that little choad doesn't steer clear of me, he's going to get injured!"
by Qit January 13, 2004