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"Big Beautiful Woman." A cute fat chick. And yes, they do exist.
Mary stormed into her apartment, her hair still damp and her round, pretty face suffused with anger, and threw the bag containing her size-18 SlimSuitâ„¢ violently into the corner. Those smirking gym rats at the pool had gotten on her last nerve, and swimming circles around them didn't help any longer. As if it wasn't bad enough that her latest attempt at dieting had only managed to make her feel tired and cranky!

Finally, she sat down at the computer and began drafting a tentative personal ad: "BBW seeks real man..."
by Qit October 08, 2004

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This should mean someone who's afraid of sameness, or afraid of humans. Instead, it means someone who hates homosexuals (but may or may not actually be afraid of them).
"Why were they gay-bashing?"
"Because they're homophobes."
"But if they're scared of gays, why didn't they run screaming at the sight of them?"
"I didn't come up with the term!"
by Qit February 25, 2004

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1) A little magical sprite with insect wings. Usually either grants wishes or wreaks mischief.

2) A gay man who acts more stereotypically feminine than most straight women.
"Do you really expect us to believe that there's a fairy in your mother's garden?"

"Have you noticed that as soon as Joe came out, he turned into an utter fairy?"
by Qit January 21, 2004

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Rom nomad. Sometimes considered a derogatory term.
"I'm part gypsy somewhere way back."
by Qit February 23, 2004

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1) A female fox.

2) A mean woman.

3) A flirty woman.

4) An attractive or sexy woman.

5) A woman who's more than one of the previous three.
"The vixen caught mice for her kits."

"Naomi is such a vixen!"
"In what sense of the word?"
"All of them!"
by Qit February 25, 2004

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A vulpine. That is, a small, mainly carnivorous mammal with a pointed muzzle and a fuzzy tail. In the dog family, but possessing feline characteristics.
"The little gray fox narrowly avoided being hit by a car."
by Qit February 23, 2004

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1) A plush toy in the form of a bear cub.

2) A big, beefy guy who looks like he'd be fun to cuddle.
"The little boy fell asleep hugging a teddy bear."

"Abraham Benrubi is such a teddy bear!"
by Qit January 22, 2004

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