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Sexually attracted to the same sex. That is, men who want it from men, and women who want it from women. Not necessarily obsessed with anal or oral sex. The common slang term is "gay." (Also used is "queer," but you shouldn't use that term unless you are yourself one.)

Not necessarily any more lewd, kinky, perverted, or normal than straights...but not necessarily any less so.
"Those scripture-thumpers are protesting the idea of a homosexual running for the Senate."
"Huh? I thought that candidate was just gay!"
by Qit February 25, 2004

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Someone (usually a straight man) who is genuinely attracted to people who are (at very least) fleshier than the ideal. Usually abbreviated as FA. See also: chubby-chaser, chubby chaser, FFA.
Ron came to the conclusion that he was a fat admirer when he finally accepted that he found Kelly Osbourne far more attractive than Mischa Barton.
by Qit May 08, 2005

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Female Fat Admirer. A variant on "FA" which leaves no doubt as to the gender of the person in question. In short, a woman who prefers BHM—although it could theoretically also mean a lesbian who prefers BBW.
"I grabbed big handfuls of his love handles and told him right out that I like guys his size. And I still don't think he realizes that I'm a FFA!"
by Qit February 26, 2004

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A stereotypical geek; i.e. one who looks like the Comic Book Guy from "The Simpsons."
"Want to go down to the game store?"
"No, the owner treats everyone except his fellow fatbeards like hell."
by Qit May 08, 2005

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A high-necked, narrow-cut dress, often made out of silk or brocade. The best examples have "frog" closures and are slit up both sides of the skirt.

Originally from China; the term literally means "banner dress." Also known as a cheongsam.
"My wedding dress will be an ivory silk qipao—no two ways about it!"
by Qit January 12, 2004

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The chemical in chili peppers that makes them "hot." Actually a mild irritant.
"How many times more capsaicin does a habañero have than a jalapeño?"
by Qit January 21, 2004

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Someone who will beat you over the head with whatever text they hold most sacred—be that the Bible, the Communist Manifesto, "Atheism: The Case Against God," or "Stranger in a Strange Land"—until you agree with them on all points.
"A religious debate? No thanks; they bring out all the scripture-thumpers."
by Qit February 26, 2004

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