You use "beefy" when you refer to muscular guys having notable sexual attraction, such as six-pack abs or big arms. This may be gay people's definition.
Look at him! He is so beefy!
by Brixdaly March 5, 2006
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looking and/or being as hot and jacked as jacobobitch
GIRL 1: OMG that boy is so beefy
GIRL 2: I know he looks just like jacobobitch
by jacobobitch March 20, 2009
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A fat person who also happens to be very muscular.
If you can eat 3 Big Macs and then bench press 300 lbs, your beefy.
by Mr. Machine February 13, 2005
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khamani: aye max

Max: yeah!
khamani: yo head beefy asf
by yahboibeefy January 11, 2019
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In reference to a woman's vagina that has saggy pussy lips that swing when she moves around or beef curtains.
Lilly's pussy is beefy!
by theshakal2179 May 17, 2015
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Beefy Coolins Of Oakville ... (who lives in the stars)
Yo Beefy! Damn girl, you is so fine.
by Neekee February 14, 2004
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a girl who is hardcore and hot
teacher, our rocket ship is totally great because we are beefy!
by allie gallie May 29, 2008
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