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A class of cold-blooded vertebrates that includes turtles, lizards, snakes, alligators and crocodile.
by David March 06, 2004
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addicts of mugwump jism, see mugwumps. popularized by william s burroughs and david cronenberg.
after reptiles score for mugwump jism..."mugwump jism is the best! can I borrow your hanky?"
by dreamkurn201 August 29, 2010
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an insult utilsed by the ill-educated suburban scumbag wannabe's of the immediate area outside Dublin Ireland to indicate an unattractive or stupid person
"Look at the state of you, you bleedin' reptile."
by Lindacelbo June 17, 2008
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n. A person who shaves theirself, or at least their vagina or penis area, completely bare.

adj. resembling the hairless look of a reptile.
I like a chick's pussy to be neatly trimmed, maybe a cute little airstrip or triangle, but every girl I hook up with is a reptile.

Shaving it all off started in the porn industry and now every girl has a reptile pussy.

The problem with reptiles is that they often have razor burn bumps. I'd rather nuzzle against a little soft hair than lick a bunch of irritated zit-like bumps on a reptile pussy.
by thehumburger March 19, 2010
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Scum-sucking, lard-assed internet troll, who loves nothing more than to cause mayhem all over the net and try to pass the blame onto someone else. Spams Usenet for Christmas cash, and does insurance jobs on their car to gains sympathy and raise cash. Likes lasagne - too much. Also see Lizzard
Some bastard reptiles been leaving scales in my guestbook again!
by Bez January 23, 2004
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A person who finds it absolutely necessary to both annoy as well as boast. Even though he could not hit a fade with a tennis racket. Is polish, and as such this may explain his behaviour
"It's better when you kill 5 skulks in one lmg cip :D"
"I dont think you understand how hard it is to knife an onos"
by someonewhodoesntlikeyou July 23, 2004
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Named after the Mortal Kombat character,the Reptile is when a woman performs oral sex on a man to completion and instead of swallowing spits it into the mans eye
I'm never going to let her blow me again. She gave me the Reptile and I have a lazy eye now
by Hamm3rm4n April 28, 2016
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