47 definition by Qit

The reason I find Abraham Benrubi way more attractive than Jude Law.
"I mean it; the quarterback's all yours. I'm more interested in the tackle; he's got that whole fat man's charm thing going on."
by Qit January 13, 2004

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Uncommon slang term. Means someone who's in favor of war, the death penalty, and birth-control-clinic bombings...but against abortion, birth control, increased funding for schools, and free daycare. Usually couldn't care less about affordable pre-natal care or maternity leave.

Basically, the result of thinking that pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood are forms of punishment rather than part of the reproductive cycle.
"He's against abortion; doesn't that make him pro-life?"
"No; he supports the death penalty and says that bombing clinics is 'justified'...even if it kills women who are there for prenatal checkups. That makes him pro-lie."
by Qit March 03, 2004

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See FA, but usually refers to gay guys who prefer BHM.
"He's such a chubby-chaser...if anything, he has a worse crush on Steve Harwell than I do."
by Qit February 26, 2004

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See qipao, but refers specifically to the long-skirted version.
"Once I've got the spare money, I'm getting one of those blue satin cheongsams from the import shop!"
by Qit January 12, 2004

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A cat/rabbit hybrid. Exists in anime. Doesn't exist in the real world...but try telling some people that.
"There wuz this he-rabbit whut liked ta mount she-cats...and one'a dem she-cats had a litter of bobtailed kittens whut hopped!"
"Was there a Manx tom in the neighborhood?"
"I dunno...but I tell ya, dem wuzn't no Manx kittens, dem wuz cabbits!"
by Qit April 04, 2004

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Any straight woman who, for some reason, happens to spend a lot of time around gay men.
"I go to the gay bar because I don't get hit on there."
"No, you go to the gay bar because you're a fag hag!"
by Qit March 29, 2004

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1) To filch (presumably a portmanteau of "grab" and "yank").

2) To playerkill in an MMORPG.

3) To insult or slander.
"I ganked a bag of chips out of the break room."

"Why do his characters keep getting ganked?"
"Beats me."

"I don't have any proof yet...but I think Brent has been ganking me."
by Qit February 25, 2004

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