A phrase used as a comeback when hearing a piece of information that you find false. Similar to saying 'sure' sarcastically.
P1: Dude my penis is literally 3 feet long, no joke.

P2: Like hell it is!
by upsideinside November 3, 2009
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Meaning something isn't going to happen. 0% chance.
Guy #1:"Give me like $10 man."
Guy #3"Like hell, get your own money."
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Response to an unfathomable action statement made by another person. The respondent simply and sternly explains this will not take place. Ex: son is not allowed somewhere, but tells his parents, "I'm going anyways!" The parents may respond with, "like hell you are!" Respondent may feel the person had a lot of 'nerve' to say such a thing.
Lover tells their partner during an anniversary they are going to a club instead of spending it with them. Their partner would respond "like hell you are!" Meaning you aren't going, period.
by Thisjusthappened November 10, 2013
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If a guy says he "dropped" you for his ex that cheated on him, don't stick around to find out if he really did. Run far away and never look back.
Run like hell.
by Nobody'sFool November 24, 2021
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A saying used by many people to describe their pain.

Hurt like hell is a extreme amount of pain.
Chuck: "God damn I dropped a fucking hammer on my foot earlier."

Carl: "Haha. Really?"

Chuck: "Yes, and it hurts like hell."
by Clingbo1 August 23, 2010
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1. When you smell badly like you need to wash yourself

2 When somebody’s attitude is rude/off/and overall giving bad vibes
1 I'm finna take a shower cuz I stank like hell

2 Y’all attitudes stank like hell….something finna pop off cuz of y’all attitudes i swear
by sorenxiv August 30, 2023
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