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an agricultural based cult that focuses on getting people to join and judging animals on how good they will be once they're dead.
Once in FFA one can never leave or the wrath of the farmer god will come upon you with his plow of devastation!

Other symbols of the farmer god include; the corn of corniness, the crimson sun that burns blasphemers of the cult, and last of all the all seeing owl who governs over the farmer godโ€™s worshipers.

Don't leave FFA, the farmer god will turn your remains into the second dust bowl
by spicy potato January 23, 2018
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Abbreviation of Free For All in FPS games.
One kind of game type that in a map(arena), the purpose is trying to get more frags(kills) as many as you can.
though FFA rocks, but i like CTF more
by b4283 July 11, 2004
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An organization for those interested in agricultural employment, such as in veterinary, floriculture, production, etc. Used to stand for 'Future Farmers of America', but name was soon changed so that FFA stands for nothing. Unofficially stands for 'For the Future of Agriculture'. Teaches leadership skills through parliamentary meetings, competitions, and the opportunity to become a chapter officer if you're an upperclassman.
Chapter President: "FFA members, why are we here?"

Everyone: "To practice brotherhood, honor agricultural responsibilities and opportunities, and to develop those qualities which an FFA member should possess."
by ferthelulzzz March 05, 2009
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An organization that at one time stood for Future Farmers of America, but now since they relized that not everybody wants to be a farmer that is a member of the organization, it's just a meaningless acronym. This organization is dedicated to promoting leadership in its members through competition, elections and service.
Noelle is this year's president of our FFA Chapter.
by Brian Folger August 17, 2005
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an excellent organization (future farmers of america) that instills life long skills into those involved.
Learning to Do
Doing to Learn
Earning to Live
Living to Serve
by lexlex May 18, 2005
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Free For All

In MMORPGs this is an option for looting rights. Anyone can loot any object off of the dead mob.
I'm sick of Group Loot, put in on FFA.
by McChelsea March 11, 2009
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