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*The response that ends all conversations and leaves a painful feeling for the same and opposite sex

*The sign of not caring

*Even if your not flirting this response is a big 'fu' in the face
Boy: Hey

Girl: Hey
Boy: I have been thinking that I truly like you how do ou feel about me?
Girl: Your ok i guess
by DCStheKing January 01, 2016
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The universally socially awkward word that ruins every single sentence you add it to.
Can be alternatively written as "I'm a f**king f*ggot"
Guy: Hey Jimmy! What's up?
Jimmy the autist: I'm pretty good, I guess.
by GaIiIeo January 05, 2015
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If there’s a yes or no question, people usually say this if they are uncomfortable responding with yes or no. OR, someone says something to them and they feel obligated to agree and don’t want to come off as rude, but don’t actually agree one bit!
Person 1: Isn’t she sooo nice?

Person 2: I guess...

Person 1: you’re like SOOO good at soccer right?
Person 2: I mean I guess
by Thegr8testputa#1 February 04, 2019
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"i guess" is a phrase that can be used in response to almost any situation or comment. its versatility is clearly its strongest asset. popular uses include expressing disdain for something or someone, expressing uncertainty or confusion, expressing the irony and absurdity of a situation, expressing sarcasm, or expressing apathy towards something or someone.

-disdain for something or someone:
Jenny: Actually, you're not invited. Sorry, but, really, I don't want to have any losers like you at my party.
Jim (as she walks away): I guess...

-uncertainty or confusion
Barista: Double special ultra low fat soy grande latte or triple super peppermint vente no milk frap with whipped cream?
Joe: I guess...

-irony or absurdity or a situation
Jane (upon seeing her ex boyfriend with HIS new boyfriend): I guess...

Jamie: She's cool, I guess...

-apathy towards something or someone
Jack: So, are you pro-life or pro-choice? Because I really feel that when you analyze both sides of the issue...
John: I guess.
by jsw454 June 25, 2005
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a really cringey way of saying a sentence that you're not completely sure about.
Mother: Never do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol, okay?
Daughter: Okay, I guess.
by pleasehelp43 July 07, 2018
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Saying yes to something that you shouldn't even have to waste your time or effort into saying "yes" to.

I guess really means, "yes"

I guess is an answer to a question that a person should already know the answer to before asking the question.
Jane: Do you race your car?
Mike: I guess..

Jane: Did you go to the store?
Mike: (true meaning) What do you think you stupid idiot? (Give me secks!)
by Jason December 21, 2004
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