Something soft, comfortable, and luxurious.
The plush couch put me to sleep...
by bigdaddynumbah1 February 3, 2006
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(often of a house, restaurant, bar, etc.) good in a way that implies luxury or wealth
His pad was pretty plush.
by zachwolff October 16, 2003
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hot, awesome, phat, cool, dope, slick, ill, neat, good
that caddy got some plush rims
by JessSoCal June 21, 2003
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1. hot, awesome, phat, cool, dope, slick, ill, neat, good
2. soft, fluffy
3. stuffed animal or a stuffed toy
4. a nicer way of saying heavy-set, fat, overweight, or fluffy
"dude, this joint is plush"
"Squeeze this, it's kind of plushy"
"Have you seen my bear plush?"
"damn, bro...that chick is fine, she's kind of plush though"
by karynna March 5, 2008
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somthing that is sweet, a girl thats fit, something cool. etc.
Ur mums well plush.
by Wonder chode December 30, 2003
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American vintage, Golden Era, overstuffed, velvet upholstered furniture
Her house is all plush in every room
by $ally August 2, 2007
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sick fucking song by one of the greatest fucking bands to ever walk the earth, the stone temple pilots.
and I feel that time's a wasted go
so where ya going to tommorrow?
and I see that these are lies to come
would you even care?
by m. wuornos January 23, 2005
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