To belittle or insult someone openly and to their face,thus causing them to feel dejected.
On February 24, 1980, 9 year old Luke affronted his brother,10 year old Linus,by saying,"Well,it looks like YOU have a RECTANGLE head!" thus causing Linus to lose his pompom snowhat and end up dejected and barehead,with a cold head,and Linus' hair a fright.
by JMC70 January 2, 2017
Nathan Huck well just affronted me!!!
by vlb December 24, 2008
Black Affronted is a Scottish way of expressing ones embarrassment, basically it is a local colloqualism for saying that you have been embarrassed by someone or something.
That lassie o' mine lifted up her skirt and mooned a'body, I was pure black affronted so ah wiz!
by The Scottish Contingent January 26, 2010