a device that is required in order to watch porn.
i fried my monitor after ejaculating all over it while watching porn.
by snorg whore February 12, 2010
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what you're looking at right now.
by pipi October 10, 2003
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An output device used to view what the video card's signal is sending to it.
Nice monitor, dude.
by Apul January 30, 2003
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the box like thing full of pixels it has a bright little glow chances are youre looking at one right now.
A: i need a new monitor
B: can you see what im writing?
A: yes
B: Then whats the problem?
by Briam September 1, 2003
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What you hit very hard or toss around when something on your computer doesn`t work, or you`re losing a game
Also see wordscreen/word
-Why`s your monitor smashed up outside?
by Schteen May 20, 2003
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A person that spends countless hours infront of the computer, and not meeting his friends, so as to become at one with the computer.
Geeze, that Ace is such a Monitor
by blkbullet February 10, 2005
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such a crush
boom bang
a crush as such
sweet thing

keep it quiet
Is that daylight
on the monitor?
by Krkič June 19, 2019
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