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The sweetest guy you will ever meet, he's always there for you to talk to and help make you feel better. He is too kind and probably too nice to those who don't deserve it. He doesn't care what anyone thinks about him so he dresses the way he wants. He's very understanding and loving, if you ever meet him you will think twice about the way you treat others because he is so gentle and friendly. Abraham is chill and fun to be around.
I love Abraham
by thatsallyouneed December 22, 2013
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He is the most amazing guy you'll ever meet. He's smarter than any other guy you've ever met and he always influences you in the best ways. His looks will melt your heart because he is just so damn handsome. If he was ever compared to another guy... Well that's just it. He can't be compared to others. His muscles are larger than the ocean floor and his smile will charm your mind. If he ever talked to you, then you're one lucky girl because that's means you'll get the special treatment. He's every girls dream man and he's a one in a million.
Damn is that Abraham over there? He is so fucking good looking!
by RoseBudd November 27, 2013
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This fabulous guy who is so sweet, talkative, funny, and natural. He can make anyone laugh easily, like to tease people, and do everything for anyone. He is the mostttttt amazing guy who everyone wants to be friend with. He can be paranoid about relationship because he cares about the person a lot. Anyone should be jealous of that person who is dating Abraham, the best name everrrrrr.

P.S. he is very sexy like seriously. Very Sexy.
Damn! Look at Abraham! He is so hot. Oh my god, I have to talk to him. My orgasm is exploding.
by The Sexy Abraham June 03, 2014
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A name usually given at birth to the greatest men in history. Often the man is extremely handsome with devilish looks that could melt any girls heart. He usually has black or brown eyes that are to die for and is an incredible athlete who does not show it publicly, for the fear of being scouted and going to an awful team. He is also intelligent and outspoken, but is very shy. He is also very likely to be a man of high fashion that dresses very excellent, who should be named Best dressed male in high school.
Girl 1: Oh my god! did you see that really cute new guy. He is so hot!
Girl 2: Yeah, I think his name is Jeff.
Girl 1: No way, a guy that hot has to be named Abraham.
by AmoneyWestside October 23, 2013
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A highly conceited boy who looks sexy even when he doesn't try, he has a sexy voice, and loves to talk to down-to-earth people and people who excite his imagination.
I think I like that guy. Yea that gotta be an Abraham.
by Veronica J June 17, 2008
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Abraham is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. Incredibly smart, athletic, and easy on the eyes. May not be the best looking guy but he's the nicest. He's surprisingly buff. Nice body. He has it all. Except sexiness. He's still sexy to me because of everything else about him. Listens to all your problems. Not like other guys. Not a player or F-boy. Best friend. Jealous of anyone who dates him!
Boy: Abraham likes a girl!
Girl: Really? He doesn't usually have crushes. I should know, we've been friends for years.

Boy: He likes a girl who's name starts with an M.
by Jennieke April 21, 2018
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