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(snd., excl.) A term that has no meaning or definition, usually spoken, though it may be written, to make an acqaintance laugh in an inappropriate situation; the term is often spoken as the speaker looks slightly downward and generally to the left or right, sometimes with his open hand extended outward from his nose
Hiedeman, not knowing that Robley had whispered "snert" to Horse and Roof, was perplexed by all of the laughter in the classroom.
by P'tainz February 21, 2013

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(adj.) A term which describes an amorous individual or a horny (slang) person. Of a person whose actions are dictated by an amorous disposition; the term can describe either the (1) individual or the (2) action.

Of an action occuring (or of the person performing the action) of which the ultimate goal is to get laid.
1. Dude, did you see Bainz gettin' all over Polls? He is completely on the Rand.

2. Swain's attempt to get Suzy in the car was totally on the Rand.
by P'tainz September 17, 2013

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Acronym for Urban Dictionary is a Big Dummy. Less vulgar version of UDIAFA, likely to be spoken by very young people or by people not prone to profanity. (see UDIAFA)

UDIABD is ascribed to the lame-butt Urban Dictionary website by people who have been able to easily submit definitions in the past but for reasons that are never explained, are unable to post a particular definition. This is particularly frustrating when the Urban Dictionary user has had a number of pathetic, senseless or meaningless terms accepted before, but tries 10-15 times to have another term accepted and is unsuccessful, though the term is no more inane than the ones he has had accepted without hassle in the past, and no reason is given by the dumb website (UDIABD) why the term has not been accepted.
An Urban Dictionary user tries to post the term:


Nickname of Mike Ass.

Known as Sherbet Yodi, a late-grade-school- or young-middle-school-aged boy named Mike Ass who developed the nickname because his favorite ice cream was sherbet and his favorite Star Wars character was Yoda. As his friends insisted that sherbet was not real ice cream and said that Yoda was a dork, they began to mockingly call him Sherbet Yodi, and his nickname was solidified. Exhausted after some time of enduring the ridiculing moniker, Mike Ass (aka Sherbet Yodi) kicked one of the gang of friends in the groin and insisted they refer to him by his birth name. This, at least to a notable degree, worked; from that point forward he was primarily addressed and referred to by his real name. In the end, ironically, the boy, contemplating his given name, decided he preferred Sherbet Yodi.

Example: "Ya know, Sherbet Yodi's real name is Mike Ass."

tags: Mike Ass, Yoda, sherbet, nut-kick, Comtpon

... but the definition is never accepted, and no reasons are given by the website (UDIABD) why it's been rejected.
by P'tainz May 02, 2013

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(Ger., Aus.) (slang) A term originating in late 20th-century Germany, though now more commonly used in predominantly English-speaking nations, esp. England, Ireland, and the United States, used in name-calling to indicate a person who is considered dumb or unintelligent and who is known to steal. A slang term for a stupid or dumb thief.
"Ah, ol' Ferguson is such a klount broon. The bastard's gonna get caught one o' these days. Hey--by the way, Tim, did Brenda suck your cock?"
by P'tainz February 06, 2014

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An argument that goes nowhere. Though a person believes he or she is arguing a point, the argument does not progress because the individual provides the same point for the effect as he/she does for the cause (i.e., the effect is just the cause stated in different words). In short, what is given as the effect is already made obvious--either overtly or implicitly--by the supporting reason provided.

To say, "I didn't like that movie because it was really bad," is to provide a premise in support of the opinion that goes without saying. It goes without saying that if one does not like the movie, he/she will not believe the movie is good. Likewise, statements such as "I am Bainz, so I am drunk," "I enjoy listening to music when I study because music helps me to study," and "I wear Fant-Ho shades because they're the best shades" are equally circular in nature. A true argument would supply support that explains WHY Bainz is always drunk, HOW music helps the person's study habits, and WHAT makes Fant-Ho shades better than other brands.

Dumb people write circular arguments.
Swain stated the obvious when he made the circular argument, "I am Swain; therefore, I am a clown-bitch." I was like, duh!
by P'tainz July 10, 2013

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1. (adj.) unintentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" (when used as an adjective, inappropriate for usage as a verb), normally because the inebriated person is unable to correctly pronounce the appropriate word

2. (adj.) intentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" when used as an adjective because the person saying it, usually a bum, thinks it is humorous
1. As I stumbled into the backseat, I reached for another Milwaukee's Best and said to Roof, "Shi-att, Bainz is so donk!"

2. When I walked through the Pender dancehall doors, Swain greeted me and said, "Man, Lode brought his bottle o' Old Man tonight; he's gonna be so donk."
by P'tainz January 23, 2013

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1. (v.) defecate, crap, poop (grunts, grunted)

2. (n.) crap, poop, turd

syn: poop (n.,v.); log, load (n.)
1. I grunted after the big lunch.

2. Byrne left a big grunt in the can.
by P'tainz May 09, 2019

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