To Exceed; Avoid Limitations; To Be Extremely or Abundantly over the top. To be annoyingly exclamatory. Very Obnoxious, or, in some circumstances, said to reject the truth being presented before one's self.
Derives from Swiss German "Uberlicht".
"Dude, your totally being OVERLY."
"Oh, OK, your overly to the MAX."
"Stevie was totally being overly around Jessica Yesterday..."
"Overly People are easily recognizable because they are often bubbly, cheesy, or outspoken."
by Doox4 July 4, 2009
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it is when a person is doin sumthin dumb that they shouldnt be doin.
man look at that dude hes bein overly wit all those stupid comments he be sayin in class.
by prince of the city May 30, 2006
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In excess of the norm
Jim and Kate overly like hot foods.
by Maddawg of DC July 14, 2006
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A sad, sad sham of a word intended as "to an excessive degree." Ironically, rather than simplifying things for those with short attention spans, the use of "overly" adds syllables not to be found where the prefix over- (as in overly confident/overconfident) or the adverb "too" (as in overly tired/too tired) are employed. Seriously, are these people incapable of "too"? What about "excessively" if you want to sound smart? Overly retarded, that's what it is.
If I hear one more person say "overly" I'm going to get overly angry and cave their face in with a shovel, then dig out their brains with a trowel and feed the goo to some vegetarians who say "overly" a lot.
by Father Wynd May 17, 2006
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The articulation of a fantasy; or, the practicing of an act that is waaaaaaaaaaaay to descriptive to have just spontaneously arisen in the mind of the articulator or the performer.

And if you ask them to repeat what they just said or did; they actual can — on demand.


1) Her:

Do you think people ever make love on the living room floor covered with a large plastic drop cloth; after rubbing each other down with warm sesame oil while listening to a Drake album on infinite repeat?

Him: Wow, babe!!!! That’s waaaaaaaaaaaay overly specific!!!!!!

2) Friend #1

When you go to the gun range what do you use as a target?

Friend #2

Me? I traced an outline from a picture I pirated from Facebook of my ex-wife and her new husband on tracing paper using a thin Sharpie Marker.

Then, I had it enlarged and copied at the print shop on cream colored heavy poster paper — the same color she painted our bedroom when she redecorated in happier times.

by Mind Hunter the Profiler December 29, 2022
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A person who goes out of their way, or the way of normal humans, to engage in interaction with other humans, or animals, in otherwise non-interaction situations.
An overly-friendly person is:
The security guard at your office that insists on telling you "welcome back" every time you walk in.

The lady who says "hello" to everyone she knows or remotely recognizes. And then says "hey you" to those whose name she doesn't know.
by Gabe G. September 18, 2007
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When someone reacts to small things in a dramatic way (it can also be associated with depression)
Random guy: *hits accidentaly*
Random guy: "whoa, he's overly sensitive
by cow and gate September 27, 2015
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