(1) Fitting many activities into an evening.
usually pertaining to drinking, partying, and/or sex acts

(2) In the sense of experience -

"In the 2 years I've worked here, I've worked 17 years here. I got it in"
"Lady at work was so slow today she must have got it in last night "
by Zorrocat May 15, 2017
were taken advantage of; were fleeced; were mugged
Dem niggaz got got at the swap meet!
by Herb N. Dictionary October 29, 2002
To be taken advantage of, swindled, finessed, or styled on.
Ex 1
person 1:"wow how much did you pay for this shitty ass oregano weed?"

person 2:"$50 for a gram"

person1: "wow you got gotted"

Ex 2

*lands MLG 360 no scope in comp*

by skrrrrboi22 January 10, 2019
Verb: The act of telling a white lie and getting "caught" or "got" by multiple people at the same time.

Most frequently told as a story about an individual at a gathering to produce comedic laughter, shame, or ridicule.

Can also be a successful prank with multiple layers and people resulting in public humiliation.
Girl 1: You know Felicia?
Girl 2: Yaaaaa
Girl 1: She "got got got" by Chris
Girls: Bye Felicia!

CroMagnon 1: Dat funny!
CroMagnon 2: Huh? Wah?
CroMagnon 1: TumTum "got got got!"
by BadSeedSam January 14, 2022
Used instead of "getting wrecked" for comic purposes (refer to MagikarpUsedFly) during a League of Legends game.
"Did you see that play? He absolutely got gotted!"
by Armourbot April 13, 2017
When a league of legends player kills an enemy champion using Gangplank
MagikarpUsedFly Reference
03:01MagikarpUsedFly(Gangplank) has slain ggeznoob(Yasuo) for a penta kill
03:02MagikarpUsedFly(Gangplank): Gotted
by Ku Revu August 26, 2017