37 definition by P'tainz

verb (drouts: droutses, droutsed, droutsing)

The act of investigating thrown-away containers or wrappers from a trash receptacle with the hope of finding some leftover crumbs or food remains.
"I hadn't eaten any breakfast, so when I found I was sitting next to the trash can with Doritos and Sun Chips wrappers at the top, I couldn't help but to drouts."
by P'tainz October 07, 2010

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1. A bitch

2. Overly choosey clarn-like stamp
1. Look at that larndt!

2. I saw a larndt today.
by P'tainz March 09, 2011

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An occasion occurring at any time of year though most often during the summer, normally involving any number (usually all) of the following individuals: Swain, Bainz, Byrne, Compton, Kempke, Polls, Skuodas, Bolin, Shelly, Tiff, Lode, Smith, Clay Claypounds, Tietz, Butler, and Dyson; marked by beer drinking from twelves, cases and kegs, car boffing, and morons punching objects, including trees and each other; normally accompanied by songs such as "Takin' Care of Business," "Pink Cadillac," "Never Been Any Reason," and "Mony Mony."
Robley and me needed a case, so we found Henkins before headin' to Pender.
by P'tainz February 11, 2013

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1. A middle-aged male who wears red shirts with frontal lettering inside-out; An often strutting middle-aged man wearing informal shirts, usually red-colored, inside out (n., Ger.)

2. A wasp hive on which the wasps are inactive or at rest (n., Ger.)

3. a. A rollicking, partially free-form dance move originated in and primarily performed in small-town western South Dakota (n.); b. Performing a wild, rollicking dance that originated in western South Dakota small towns, probably performed in such location (v., hoonz baes, hoonz baed, hoonz baing)
1. I saw a hoonz bae walking across the court yard, and I swear I almost ran over and kicked him in the nuts.

2. There's a hoonz bae.

3.b. Lonnie got wasted last night and hoonze baed all night long.
by P'tainz April 04, 2011

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1. Textual sound made by a drummer in a children's book published in early 1970s with interesting psuedo-psychadelic pictures.

2. Short smooth wooden stick or pole, 2.5 to 3 inches in length, approximately a half-inch in diamter, painted in red and black swirl stripes, like the pattern of a common candy-cane, with no particular use.

3. The beginning of a childishly humorous phrase often voiced by young gradeschool-aged children, which procedes "... I found my butt inside of a liberty gut."
Rut tut tut, I found my butt inside of a liberty gut.
by P'tainz January 25, 2013

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testicles (slang: balls, nuts); a pronunciation of "nuts" normally uttered by bummish, slack-jawed or gluttonously relaxed individuals, thus the omission of the "t" sound, which is deemed not worth the effort to enunciate.

syn.: baws
After sucking in the last hit from his bong, sprawled across the couch, glassy-eyed Swain told Horse, "C'mon over here an' sugg my nuss."
by P'tainz January 27, 2013

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(n.) eggs, as pronounced by dads; the way dads pronounce the word "eggs"; similar to dads' pronunciations of yogurt and apples (e.g. yogewt, appoes)
When Dad called on his way over, he said, "I stopped by Modaoe and I'm bringin' some aewggs."
by P'tainz January 27, 2013

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