a measurement, usually in inches or a standard smaller (such as centimeter or nanometer), in reference to the size of a male schlong
Yo, dude did you see Trick's 2.5? Mang that thing is fudgin small beast.
by louisville slugger April 1, 2003
A mall security guard. They are not as good as cops, which are Five 0's. Since mall security guards aren't as inportant as normaly cops they are half of the Five 0.
O, crap man run its the 2.5!
by M1tch January 16, 2006
private security guard, rent-a-cop; half of a 5-0 (see definition)
You cant arrest me. You aint the real police. You just a 2.5 !!
by Anonymous December 24, 2002
An undefined period of time as is determined by C-200.
Morgan, we're going to chow.
Ok, be there in 2.5!
by Corries Heiffers June 12, 2007
1. measurement of anything quick or short. 2. half of a "take five", to return quickly.
1. She drove so fast she got here in like 2.5! 2. I'll be back in 2.5, you won't even notice I'm gone.
by Caitie March 5, 2004
A rent-a-cop, security guard at the mall, half of a 5.0
The 2.5 yelled at me for loitering out front of the mall even though i was smoking.
by Knotfal JOe April 28, 2008
Someone who is very high on the feminine scale.
Bob: Oh man!! That guy is a 2.5!
by LillersAndMurrbethhhh January 26, 2011