37 definitions by P'tainz

1. (v.) defecate, crap, poop (grunts, grunted)

2. (n.) crap, poop, turd

syn: poop (n.,v.); log, load (n.)
1. I grunted after the big lunch.

2. Byrne left a big grunt in the can.
by P'tainz May 9, 2019
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Acronym for Urban Dictionary is a Fucking Asshole.

UDIAFA is ascribed to the lame-ass Urban Dictionary website by people who have been able to easily submit definitions in the past but for reasons that are never explained, are unable to post a particular definition. This is particularly frustrating when the Urban Dictionary user has had a number of pathetic, senseless or meaningless terms accepted before, but tries 20-25 times to have another term accepted but is unsuccessful, though the term is no more inane than the ones he has had accepted without hassle in the past, and no reason is give by the dumbass website (UDIAFA) why the term has not been accepted.
An Urban Dictionary user tries to post the term:

Oaf, laze-head (n.)

One of Bainz, Byrne, Compton, Horse, Roof or Swain; or an individual resembling one of the aforesaid in character or personality. (n.)

(pl.) bums

Example of usage: "Hell, look at them bums!"

tags: baws, wount, beer, booze, cheap, sleep, milwaukee's best, bainz, byrne

... but the term is never accepted and no reasons are given by the website (UDIAFA) why it's been rejected.
by P'tainz April 4, 2013
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