stamp=ok/ thats koo/thats str8/thats a bet! in dc slang
usually used when excited about finding out something
**almost the same as bet**
oh ok so he is going to give you the money?!? STAMP!
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If someone is asleep or not, to stamp someone is when you open up your but cheeks, and stamp your asshole against someones nose.
Diggy has no idea I stamped him at that party when he was passed out.
by jkslol February 5, 2007
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what you call a girl that you're going to lick, stick and then get rid of.
Yeah, she's pretty hot - but she stupid too, so I'm gonna treat her like a stamp.
by Billy-Bob May 3, 2004
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A synonymous of snap, used to express excitement and disbeleif, usually followed by the action of stomping your foot on the ground while yelling it.
OH STAMP! That's a janked bunch of tacos, yo!
by Jon Cross June 28, 2005
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An acronym for "stuff that ass mouth and pussy" - Developed by the Knights of teh Blue Ribbon Drinking Team in Denver.
You see that lovely vixen by the door? Well, I'd would be entralled to STAMP her.
by Brian McIntyre February 4, 2005
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an explitive voice of not caring
reffering to the hypothetical 8x10 inch rubber stamp that simply says "don't care". Hypothetically this stamp could be used for many things
I didn't get my homework done...
by Nick Bender March 4, 2004
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