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The mating call of horny eight year old Robloxians
by "Abyss" July 02, 2017
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a sound that represents the air being knocked out of it; popular in Roblox.
Yo did u see Tyler yesterday?! He got hit so hard he went oof.
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by Nigerian Chris March 29, 2017
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buy the domain for your recipe blog
You did not know what to write, so you just typed in "oof".
by metrost February 09, 2018
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The sound made by someone dying in roblox or minecraft.
interchangeable with the word 'ow' in real life.
by ROBLOXMAN69 May 04, 2017
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A form of expression used similar to damn, expressing a good feeling but frustration as well.
"oof...that chick is hot"
by Dee February 20, 2005
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a word and expression used in reply to someone who has possibly embarrassed themselves.

used in context, it displays your embarrassment for said person in a tongue-in-cheek manner.
facebook status update: oh hai everyone check out the pic i uploaded with my sweet tweety-bird tattoo!

random reply: oof.
by some1 who knows what oof means February 22, 2010
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