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Originating from the death sound effect of an online game known as Roblox, "oof" is a common expression or response shared when one is faced with a melodramatic defeat or taken an embarrassing L in any real-world situation.

The sound effect from the game is sampled in many online videos, sounding like a small child who has been kicked in the stomach. Humor can be found in the unwavering consistency of the "oof" sound effect, as well as the obvious trauma endured by the child-- undoubtedly an odd choice for developers to include in a children's game.
Guy 1: Bro, I called Susan like 50 times last night, and when she finally answered she told me to go kill myself.

Guy 2: Oof
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by 🐺 November 10, 2018
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when you don't really care but should say atleast something
You- "I think I'm having a heart attack"
Me- "oof"
by mikaschm March 22, 2018
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You did not know what to write, so you just typed in "oof".
by metrost February 09, 2018
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Commonly used by 6-12 year olds in a game by the name of 'Roblox' to exercise stress and discomfort while getting 'rekt' by another 6-12 year old.
'oof' i jest gawt spewn killd in phentum pherses. itz lik my favorites gaem.
by HappyBirthdayKidz November 08, 2017
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The sound one might make after busting thy nutt or by death in roblox.
He oofed a mighty oof as he climaxed in roblox.
by Magnum Shlong October 24, 2017
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off is kinda like ohfuck but u dont want noone to know u cussed
oof i forgot to do my homework
oof my condom broke
oof im gonna have kids
oof i left my grandma at the stripclub
by EUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! October 04, 2018
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