a way of expressing a disbelief.
like "my ass"
girl: he ate a big piece of my pie

boy: my butt, it was a small piece
by el mago November 14, 2007
disbelief, lie, something that you think is not true
im early right?

my butt your early, your an hour late.
by el mago November 14, 2007
very mean and so scrary. always punches me and looks like an old man
Person1: OMG my butt coming this way!!!!!
Person2: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my butt is so scary
by im pseudonym yayyy April 7, 2022
Simply referring to your butt.
"You said you were thicc!"
"Yeah, thicc in my butt!!!"
by JESSSICA!!! July 26, 2018
this is a term that goes with everything it has infinite uses, if u are ever in a uncomfortable convo you can respond with “poop on my butt” if someone asking you a question you don’t wanna answer like for example “how old are you” you can respond with “poop on my butt” as you can see the limits are endless
kylie said “where do u live”
kendall *not wanting to answer truthfully* “poop on my butt
by MelkGirls July 15, 2020