Surname, A variant of the Irish Ó Broin, meaning descendants of Branach or Bran, meaning "raven".

Surname Origin: Irish

Alternate Surname Spellings: O'BYRNE, O'BEIRNE, O'BERNE, BERNE, BEIRNE

The name has been traced back to ancient Celtic chieftain, Bran Mac Maolmòrrdha, the King of Leinster who died in 1052 A.D. Along with King Conn of the Hundred Battles, he was descended from Cathair Mor, an earlier king of Leinster, who was also monarch of all Ireland around 200 AD. The clan's motto is the Latin phrase Certavi et Vici which means "I have Fought and Conquered".
by trackerman December 13, 2008
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"To byrne" someone is to make them question previously held beliefs/notions by quoting, paraphrasing, or otherwise saying something that Dr. Ryan Matthew Byrne would say or has said.
Subject 1 (the person byrning) to Subject 2 (the person being byrned): "Time is a human construct".

Subject 1 to Subject 2: "Do you know the greek etymology of the word utopia? U-topia. Means 'no land'. DOES NOT EXIST."

Subject 1 can now brag: "I byrned _____(subject 2)" or "I just did some major byrning"
by Kelie April 4, 2008
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A Smart, unique individual that is both stubborn and compromising. He will do anything to help you out, but will expect some fun along the way. Forgiving and kind, this individual looks beyond peoples weakness to see the real person inside. Sure to make a real difference in the world. Smart, witty, and funny. Byrnes is one in a million.
Oh look, its Byrnes.
by Seaweedbc February 18, 2010
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One of a group of bums who also gives.
What's up Byrne?
by dub February 25, 2018
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To Byrne, can be both used as a verb or adjective, with association to hooking up with rank chicks, getting rejected frequently, and generally banging anything that breathes. A 'Byrne' speciality, is relations of the intimate nature with chicks who look like French football players.
'fuck that chick tom is with is rank... man that guy is so byrne'


'Fuck man i was so bryned last night... those fat chicks couldnt get enough of me'
by fingerbum November 19, 2007
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The ultimate form of gluttony with any material. Also, can be used as a description of someone who is the reality version of Homer Simpson.
Matt ate four burgers and then got drunk and fell down the stairs. He pulled a byrnes.

How do you rupture your spleen??? Pulling a Byrnes
by Ian Howell August 13, 2006
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The act of submitting false candidates so that you can get your submits and mess around all day
Kevin pulled a Byrne and now he works in Med Staffing...
by Wegeasy November 25, 2008
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