She has such large breasts that it's amazing!
by phoenixphoenix March 15, 2018
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Marty picked up a large breasted c*ck-sucker during his bird hunt.
by Junior January 5, 2004
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The Large Breasted Knob Gobbler is a majestic bird with large heaving breasts and most commonly feeds on knobs. You can most commonly find the Large Breasted Knob Gobbler in the city at night, searching for knobs to gobble. They are generally attracted to locations with flashy lights and loud noises, where they are most likely to find an ample source of knobs.
Waldo: "Holy Shit! Marge! Get over here quick! It's a Large Breasted Knob Gobbler on the neighbors stoop!!"

Marge: "Wow! Pull out your knob and I'll whistle the mating call!"
by Bilboliololo February 25, 2013
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A woman who is endowed with large breasts who enjoys the company of gay men.
George was distracted by a "large-breasted fruit fly" while trying to pick up a trick at the bar.
by QueerChicken June 27, 2011
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