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A meaningless term, normally used by morons, idiots, dimwits and dorks, to refer to Anglo-Saxons, revealing a lack of intelligence and mental creativity in the person who says it. Initially used as a term in the mid to late 1980s by Kempke when his English teacher was discussing Anglo-Saxons, wherefor he turned to Skoudas and said laughingly, "Anglo-Saxon Saxaphone! Anglo-Saxon Saxaphone!"
Kempke, laughing, and with a red face, turned his half-hearted attention away from the teacher to face Skuodas and in a hardly concealed voice, whispered loudly, "Anglo-Saxon saxaphone! Anglo-Saxon saxaphone!"
by P'tainz October 06, 2010
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1. (adj.) unintentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" (when used as an adjective, inappropriate for usage as a verb), normally because the inebriated person is unable to correctly pronounce the appropriate word

2. (adj.) intentional mispronunciation of the word "drunk" when used as an adjective because the person saying it, usually a bum, thinks it is humorous
1. As I stumbled into the backseat, I reached for another Milwaukee's Best and said to Roof, "Shi-att, Bainz is so donk!"

2. When I walked through the Pender dancehall doors, Swain greeted me and said, "Man, Lode brought his bottle o' Old Man tonight; he's gonna be so donk."
by P'tainz January 23, 2013
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verb (drouts: droutses, droutsed, droutsing)

The act of investigating thrown-away containers or wrappers from a trash receptacle with the hope of finding some leftover crumbs or food remains.
"I hadn't eaten any breakfast, so when I found I was sitting next to the trash can with Doritos and Sun Chips wrappers at the top, I couldn't help but to drouts."
by P'tainz October 07, 2010
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1. (noun) A weakling or a meek individual; one perceived as being weak either in physical prowess or character

syn.: fairy, pussy, faggot, pansy, sissy

2. (noun) A term of endearment, normally used to address either a young child or an intimate female friend by a male person

syn.: dear, sweetie, honey, lovey, bitts
1. "That bitch won't stop cryin'. Damn, he ain't nothin' but a lil' puss."

2. "Hey, lovey. You're my sweet lil' puss.
by P'tainz January 23, 2013
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1. Posterior, buttocks, ass

(An intentional or unintentional mispronunciation of "ass." Derived from a slackish or lazy way of saying "ass," in which the "a" sound is more difficult than the easier-to-articulate long "o" sound.
Often misunderstood as a German pronunciation of "ass," due to the long "o" rather than "a" sound.
Often confused with the acronym OSS, Official of Strategic Services.
Believed to have been orginated in northeastern Nebraska by a number of smalltown youths indulgin in alcohol.)
You best watch you'self or I'm gonna kick your oss.
by P'tainz June 28, 2011
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1. (n.) A clown who has generally failed at his craft; a clown who finds it difficult to get laughs from an audience or who can no longer adequately perform his standard tricks, such as juggling, dancin', harpin' the rug, or stountin' the tarn.

2. (n.) A floundering can that commonly rests on a lamp or lamp shade.
1. That lamp kloon really sucked, and so I gave him a good kick to the nuts.

2. There's a lamp kloon.
by P'tainz January 28, 2013
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