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(n.) eggs, as pronounced by dads; the way dads pronounce the word "eggs"; similar to dads' pronunciations of yogurt and apples (e.g. yogewt, appoes)
When Dad called on his way over, he said, "I stopped by Modaoe and I'm bringin' some aewggs."
by P'tainz January 27, 2013
1. Individuals residing in rural northwest Iowa who are often featured in stories told by grandparents; such stories may involve the subject eating too much ice-cream and developing a stomach ache or diarrhea, stepping in cow maneur, or falling asleep in front of the television after an exhausting day.

2. Residents in rural northwest Iowa who one tell stories about, regardless of whether the listener knows or cares about the subjects.
1. Ol' Borcher came home t' other night with a gut-ache; guess he ate an entire large pizza at The Pizza Ranch.

2. I hadn't walked through the door before Grandma started telling a story about how one o' the Borchers accidentally scooped up his pet cat while shovelin' snow.
by P'tainz February 12, 2013
A term used to desribe someone who is a writer, though more frequently someone who fashions him/herself a writer but really isn't, or is not a very good one; derived from the name Ernest Hemingway, famed American novelist and story writer, but with the "g" removed to give it a colliquial informal feel, suggesting its ironic nature.
Ol' Heminway over there is writing all the time; too bad it's all drivel! That schmuck thinks he's going to be the next great novelist.
by P'tainz October 6, 2010
verb (drouts: droutses, droutsed, droutsing)

The act of investigating thrown-away containers or wrappers from a trash receptacle with the hope of finding some leftover crumbs or food remains.
"I hadn't eaten any breakfast, so when I found I was sitting next to the trash can with Doritos and Sun Chips wrappers at the top, I couldn't help but to drouts."
by P'tainz October 7, 2010
1. The imaginary or symbolic sound made when poking a person's stomach, especially that of a chubby or overweight person. Derived from the Michelin Man (past mascot for Michelin Tires) being poked by a finger to his mid-section in television commercials.

2. A free-form exclamatory term with no precise meaning, often an emphatic utterance used to show excitement, incredulity, joy, and even disgust.
2. When I looked back to my brother, floating on the intertube some distance behind on the river, he raised his hand and yelled "Wount!" and I knew he was having a great time.
by P'tainz October 6, 2010
(exc.) a partly dialectical derivative of "wount" which is also partly derivative in meaning; as with "wount," it has no precise or definable meaning but normally is used as an exclamatory remark to express a variety of emotions; different from "wount," however, which traditionally is used to symbolize the poking of one's gut, "pount pount" is most frequently used as a greeting among friends, often spoken as one hand makes a general, sometimes indistinguishable up-down movement nearly behind but just to the right or left (depending on which hand is used) of the speaker's head as the other hand is vaguely held forward in either a general and lazy pointing fashion or in a vague hand-shaking type of posture; suitable to be spoken in either an energetic and happy tone or a deadpan, expressionless fashion
It had been a long time since they had seen each other, yet as Roof crossed the terminal, Swain approached him and with an expressionless face said, "Pount pount."

Bainz, certain that he heard footsteps, turned around and found Byrne, whose right hand was just to the left of his own head, the other extended, saying "Pount pount!"
by P'tainz February 12, 2013
(Ger., Aus.) (slang) A term originating in late 20th-century Germany, though now more commonly used in predominantly English-speaking nations, esp. England, Ireland, and the United States, used in name-calling to indicate a person who is considered dumb or unintelligent and who is known to steal. A slang term for a stupid or dumb thief.
"Ah, ol' Ferguson is such a klount broon. The bastard's gonna get caught one o' these days. Hey--by the way, Tim, did Brenda suck your cock?"
by P'tainz February 6, 2014