285 definition by Michael

Plural of pillow, any of a specialized type of cushion to be found on a bed used mainly to cradle and support the head while sleeping
Ah, soft, comfortable pillows
by michael November 11, 2003

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Ca$hville is a synonym for Nashville. Young Buck of G-Unit says he's from Ca$hville.
I'm from Ca$hville, Tennessee
by Michael February 14, 2005

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The bar seen often in the animated series "Family Guy."
Peter Griffen went down to the Drunken Clam to see his friend Cleveland
by Michael October 03, 2004

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a company that sells the best made computers and treats their employees like crap and pays them like crap for the amount of money theyre making of them.

hmmm, sounds like someone is disgruntled
anyone get any mistakes in their Alienware computer it's my fault for leaving my job.
by michael October 22, 2004

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Also known as ‘vulval lips’. The outer lips are usually fleshy, and the inner lips are usually thin but, like every other part of the body, they come in all shapes and sizes. In some women, the inner lips are completely enclosed by the outer lips. However the inner lips are more sensitive than the out lips.

Can also be used as a greeting.
Walking into a room of people, spotting the bitch and saying "Alrite cunt lips!"
by Michael February 26, 2005

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a pen to write with on paper
i would like a frindle.
by michael December 08, 2003

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East Cobb is a part of Cobb County in Marietta, Georgia. contrary to popular belief, East Cobb is not in Atlanta. it is a beautiul, wealthy suburban area just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. East Cobb is known as the "rich" part of Cobb County.
that girl is such an east cobb snob!
by Michael February 20, 2005

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