Guy 1: "What's 5 x 3?"

Guy 2: "Who cares?"

Guy 3: "Man you're such a pussy, it's 'Who gives a fuck'. God, don't you know how to swear?"
by TenInchPlaya August 13, 2006
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Created by my math teacher Mr. Tomlinson, used to diss the students. Not to be mixed up with the one liner : who cares? This one has a pause until the other person responds.
Mr. T: Why weren't you here last week?
Vikki: My Grandma died, so I had to go.
Mr. T: Who?
Vikki: My Grandma
Mr. T: Cares!
Class: Owned!
Vikki: *Cry*
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
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p1: I'm a docter!
p2: who cares?
p1: *sad noises*
p2: shut up
by Zandar The demon king March 07, 2021
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the feeling of indifference when something happens to or around you.
My girlfriend gets constantly mad at me because i watch football instead of paying attention to her, but Who Cares?
by james frickers March 06, 2012
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A remark adressing female attire that, despite breaking dress codes or rules of decency, is commonly accepted due to the atractive nature of the wearer.
"what's with all the chicks wearing booty shorts and tight-ass tank tops?."

"who cares?"
by Row 3 March 05, 2010
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