a word that parents made up so that they could yell at their kids for no damn reason
parent: "how was your day billy?"
billy "it was fin-"
parent "iS tHaT AtTiTudE i HeaR?!?"
by deathisinnevitable November 23, 2019
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A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself: .
A state of mind or a feeling; disposition: had a positive attitude about work.
An arrogant or hostile state of mind or disposition.
The orientation of an aircraft's axes relative to a reference line or plane, such as the horizon.
The orientation of a spacecraft relative to its direction of motion.
A position similar to an arabesque in which a ballet dancer stands on one leg with the other raised either in front or in back and bent at the knee.
Stood in a graceful attitude
by Rishabh December 22, 2005
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someone who thinks of themselves too highly, is concieted
No one likes either Sue or her husband George, its because of their attitude. She walks in the room with her sun glasses and you could tell she had a snotty attitude.
by M.A February 12, 2006
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A sharp and witty comeback suitable for any situation when you hear someone doubting themselves. Was once used exclusively by the likes of parents, teachers, and coaches as a means of inspiration, but has now been introduced into peer to peer situations as a way of mocking one anothers' piss-poor attitudes.
Jerry: Man, I will never be able to find a good job!

Paul: Not with that attitude, you won't!

Lisa: I'll never get John to give me a Las Vegas Chainsaw!

Jennifer: Not with that attitude!
by unkle_ruckus July 29, 2010
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manner of carrying oneself
I don't have an attitude problem , It's just that you can't handle my personality
by Ba baji May 13, 2014
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Someone who has a really bad attitude problem
That hoochie is so attitudal...

Carly: She's such a skankrow
Amanda: Girl, you're so attitudal
by HoochieGirl June 20, 2005
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