boyfriend, male romantic companion, male partner, male chum (Internet Slang)
by MarkLetras February 17, 2006
"i cant hang out later sarah im going to my bf's house. i think we might do it tonight"
by Jen&&juice December 2, 2007
Abbreviated form for Best Friend
Tanya would still be my BF if she had my shirt.
by BD Goertz December 7, 2005
To have a bf is to have Bitch Fit
I'm about to have a bf if you don't get a clue how stupid you are!
by RyeRye July 20, 2005
BF is the abbreviation for Bitch Face. Used as code for when Ron and John see a bitch face person.
Ron: "John, we need to talk. Man that woman has BF. You can do better than her."

John: " No man, not that woman. She is too old and angry. I was pumpin' on that 20 year old there."
by T_rump_supporter November 27, 2016
When a person (normally a female) has an unprecedented sour look on their face which equates to them having a bitch face.
Person 1: See that chick on level 6?

Person 2: She has mega BF going on

Person 1: Yeah man, proper bitch face.
by Gringoesai December 3, 2014
British Fuck. This expression is used in areas (within the UK or abroad) where British people are present and you want to talk about them (and their annoying habits, physical appearance, etc) without them knowing and without appearing rude.
Look at that table full of disgusting BFs. Are they going to eat all of those sausages?