Telephone code in (Southern to Southeast) Kansas excluding the Wichita Area. Most Notorious for being being very poor and has major drug problems as well as crime. Cherokee County is the poorest county in Kansas and in 620. 620 has a large Irish-American population as well as a Native American population. Minor Gang problems.
You: Where you from?
Me: 620
You: Part?
Me: Cherokee
You: Ah
by IRep620 January 19, 2015
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Code for telling someone to Fuck Off- F being the sixth letter of the alphabet, U being the 20th.
Guy: Yo bitch, when's dinner?
Girl: 620!
by Bloodhound32 March 5, 2008
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The 10 commandments, plus all the miscellaneuos rules set forth by God in Exodus. Pretty much, break one and you're screwed.
Guy: What are the 10 commandments?
Woman: What? There are 620 Commandments... too many to list.
by nontheist April 1, 2011
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