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A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell.
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 17, 2003
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A letter that overly energetic high school girls add to their otherwise traditional names to make them "cute".
Cheerleader: Hi, I'm Jenni--with an i! And this is my friend, Christi.
by me. September 06, 2004
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1)First-person singular pronoun in a sentence's subject.

2) '1' in Roman Numerals.

3) The Alphabet's 9th letter.
1) I am trying out this new hair regrowth formula.

2) Super Bowl I had the Packers in it, so you should be glad that you weren't alive to see it.

3) 'I' comes after 'H'.
by Diggity Monkeez January 23, 2005
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A number that... should not, and connot possibly exist... but does because somebody couldn't have just left the square root of -1 alone...

an imaginary number
Panthean: I have reason to believe i comes from the negaverse, and is therefore the source of all evil
by Panthean April 23, 2008
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A prefix that corperations put in front of everything new to make it look revolutionary. This usually has to do with music or other electronics. Apple started the I-generation when releasing the "i-pod" on oct.23 2001. After this, many other I-products by apple were released. The "I" apparently wasn't a registered trademark because producers from other companies (not necessarilly associated with apple) started making "I-products" such as variations of I-homes, I-cases, I-chairs, I-toothpicks, I-foot massagers, I-lint, ect.
This could be associated with other urban corporate prefixes such as Mc or jumbo.
Someday we could be defined as the I-generetion by future historians.
Judy: DAD! I-want to go on i-tunes for my i-pod but the i-mac isn't working!
Dad: I-DK... Are you sure it's the I-macs fault? I-think you have to hook the i-mac and the i-pod with the i-chord.
Judy: I-ll try.
by pedrotheporcupine January 10, 2009
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symbol for current, in amperes. Defined by the voltage (in volts) in a current divided by resistance(in ohms).
The voltage is 10 Volts, and the resistance is 5 Ohms. So, I is equal to 2. I need to get laid. Badly.
by Tom April 18, 2005
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