"Did you see Uncle Percy the other day?"
"No I didn't. Why do you ask?"
"Well he was down the hospital wasn't he?"
"I didn't know that. What's up with him then?"
"He only had to get his asshole stitched up."
"How come?"
"Well you know Bobby from the Rotary Club?"
"Oh yes. What of him?"
"Well he's not an inconsiderable size in the penis department and they reckon he's loosened up Percy's dirtchute with all the bumming they've been up to."
"Poor old Uncle Percy. "
"Yes, I know. Such a shame. A very nice man."
by LiberaceHudson October 20, 2016
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1. When followed with 'around', used to mean procrastinating, or acting lazy and not doing anything.

2. To engage in anal intercourse.

3. To get something by begging, or mooching.
1. Stop bumming around and get off your lazy arse.

2. Those fellows over there enjoy bumming. The taller one bottoms.

3. That wanker's always bumming fags off of me.
by Josie H. June 20, 2006
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Anal sex. When a man inserts his cock into another mans ass and fucks him until he shoots his load up the mans ass.
"Give me a good bumming, I want to feel your hard cock pounding my ass. Fuck me hard, I want your cum up my ass"
by Ben Dover August 5, 2003
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n. Brit. working class slang for anal gay sex, becoming archaic since 80s with more informed society. Usually used with amusement, not prejudice, typically by people naturally tolerant but less informed about gay life. (Middle classes and prejudicial people would typically avoid slang, sometimes to avoid being seen as <italic>not</italic> prejudiced by a homophobic listener to gain approval.
Ooh! What happens? Do you alway bum him or do you bum each other. I don't know much about bumming, sorry I mean qu.., sorry, er, gay people and stuff. Well you know, we girls always say gay men are wasted. Is that offensive? Could I really suck your cock and you wouldn't get a hard on
by Dave July 5, 2004
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"Ah oh yeah ! " that is what Brian was saying as he was getting bummed up the arse by Ted, Ted like bumming people he fucked Brian as fast as a ferrari until Brian shot his load all over Ted's stomach.
by yep9 July 20, 2014
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