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Another way of saying keeping it real. Also a way to answer how you are doing.
"How you doin wodie?" "Ficnizzie, ficnizzie."
by Michael January 26, 2004
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Plural of pillow, any of a specialized type of cushion to be found on a bed used mainly to cradle and support the head while sleeping
Ah, soft, comfortable pillows
by Michael November 11, 2003
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The resulting noise of hitting a deer with a potato when you walk into your backyard and see them mating.
When I threw the potato at the deer it went Merr.
by Michael August 3, 2004
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wasted,when you go to a bar and drink a hella lot of liquor.

when you toke foa long azz time and are completely out of touch wit reality
yo look at that sob he's FUBAR(ed).
by Michael October 23, 2004
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he is the kind of Garff they are looking for on the community board
by Michael January 13, 2004
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The word nigger with a alabamian( also known as hick, cracker, etc.) accent.
"I hate 'dem Nieggers"
"Holy Niegger!!!"
by Michael March 20, 2005
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An effort that is both fruitless and futile
by Michael January 10, 2005
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