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Its all that crappy music they play on Uranium and Headbangers ball. It has annoying guitars and annoying-er voices.
by Michael August 26, 2004
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a leet cs player with tons of cs experience and when used in a clan can be deadly against the opposing team :O
ep0nz!e just aced the whole team with a para!
by Michael March 8, 2005
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A method utilized by corporations to escalate bureaucracy.
Let's schedule a teleconference to discuss how we can more efficiently schedule teleconferences
by Michael February 23, 2005
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televizzle means television
I am watching the television.
I be watchin' ma' televizzle.
by Michael December 6, 2003
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Shreaded up toliet paper placed in the upper part of the toliet,enough to make it higher then the water level, and topped off with a shit log(or two)
The residents of 76 were shocked when they discovered that their toliet had become a Temple of Doom
by Michael February 10, 2005
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Whatever practice society considers normal. It's something that a lot of people do only because everyone else does it (even though they don't realise it).
Women in the 19th century had hairy legs—not because they didn't have razors, but because it was the done thing.

Women in the 2000s have shaven legs—not because it looks or feels better, but because it is the done thing.

Women in the 2000s wear thongs—not because they are sexy, but because it is the done thing. If it was actually worn because it's sexy, it would have been done back in 1979.
by Michael March 20, 2004
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To be equally facile with either hand.
My brother is a freak. He can eat noodles using chopsticks with both hands. He says he's ambidextrous.
by Michael November 10, 2003
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