285 definition by Michael

An incorrect link to the word "Douchebag"
See also douchebag. Definition 1 also applies to douchebag.
by Michael October 30, 2004

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(Chinese/Japanese/?) name for Rock-Paper-Scissors
by Michael October 30, 2003

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A guy who does stuff.
Check out that Declan guy thats doing that stuff.
by Michael April 22, 2004

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Relating to the extinct and perpetually bungling Dodo bird.
Used to describe someone without common sense and who always has the pathetic confused look on their face when a question is asked.
My god she's such a fucking Dodo.
by Michael March 11, 2003

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head, blowjob, etc
that bitch gives nasty blee.
by michael May 05, 2003

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A joyful spring. A person that shines and brings meaning to your life.
You are my Aviva.
by Michael September 15, 2003

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a person or group of people who are all talk and is usually avoiding some confrontations and situations AKA a pussy or chicken
look at that busta ass fool , always talking shit
by michael April 25, 2005

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