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1. An over the counter antihistimine that works great if you need to stop an allergic reaction or fall asleep.
2. The world's least addictive recreational drug. There's nothing fun about getting high on Benadryl. In fact, it's horrible. You have terrifying hallucinations that are impossible to distinguish from reality. Gum is more addictive than that shit.
1. That Benadryl stopped my sneezing but damn am I sleepy now.
2. One time I ate 16 Benadryl for "fun." My ceiling had two fans on it and a wrought iron fence was sticking out of my wall. I heard footsteps on the ceiling, people banging on my window, and upon seeing a giant, oozing bug on my comforter, I spent the duration of the night whimpering underneath my covers.
by 720mgSTEEEVE December 01, 2009
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1.) When used for its intended purpose, it is very useful for the treatment of allergies.

2.) When used at doses 4 or more times the recommended dose, it is a hallucinogenic deliriant. If you manage to fight off the extreme drowsiness and stay awake, it could hardly be considered an escape from reality, as the hallucinations experienced usually very closely resemble reality. For example, you'll quite likely see one of your family members and upon trying to interact with them, they'll disappear. This is more freightening than it may sound, as some of these encounters may be not-so-friendly, such as thinking you're getting busted by your parents for attempting to bake a cake in your dresser drawer. It is damn near impossible to differenciate between hallucinations and reality. Also, you'll more than freak out anyone around you who doesn't know you've taken something. There's a 99.9% percent chance that you'll respond to questions you were never asked or try to make comments on events you thought you saw, only to scare the piss out of them. Hardly worth it.
Oh shit, I wonder how much damage I caused on that benadryl trip last night.
by phxwhiteboy88 April 30, 2011
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if you want to get really fucked up fast.
you won't remember anything so its not that fun.
talk to people that arent there.
hear things that aren't there.
accidentally put plastic teapots on a stove.
take around 36 pills.
edge: hey man i heard you took benadryl and almost burned down your house
me: oh? did I? i cant remember.
by stooooner December 27, 2005
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An OTC antihistamine medicine which can be used as a recreational drug. When taken at the recreatinal dose, the person will hallucinate but will not know what is real and not, i.e. they will talk to a person that is not really there or try to interact with things that are not really there. After the person has come down, they will usually will not remember what happened alot like a dream.
Benadryl is a legal, OTC, lame drug.
by shadow77110 June 19, 2006
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A damn good high when your out of bud, it can be scary but if your in a calm mood before taking the pills your high will be some what like taking an opiate. You won't experience as many hulucinacians & the ones you do experience will be pleasent. If you have on soothing music on during the trip it will make it even better. Something ambient or shoegaze. Just make sure your family members do not see you durring this trip they will know you are really fucking high. I fell asleep at the table during dinner thats why I only get high at home after 9:00.
Listening to Sonic Youth's " Evol" album or "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine & tripping on benadryl this is the best way to relax after coming home from school.
by Mary, On the Wall August 20, 2011
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