285 definition by Michael

A erect penis that is closely proportional to the size of a steak.
1)Wow, look at that big @$$ tube steak!

2) (In monotone) MY TUBE STEAK...
by Michael April 12, 2004

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Its all that crappy music they play on Uranium and Headbangers ball. It has annoying guitars and annoying-er voices.
Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold
by Michael August 25, 2004

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A self-righteous moron so f***in full of himself that he couldn't even stop for 5 freakin seconds to take a picture when I met him in Harrods this summer. Still leads a great band though, and has written and sung some of the best songs in rock. Had I met Liam instead, it probably would've come to a ruck.
Me: "Noel, couldn't I possibly take a five-second wasting picture with you pretty pretty please with sugar and the Beatles on top?"
Noel: "No." (Walks off)
Me: (thinks) "Bastard."
by Michael December 07, 2003

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Radiohead is a famous band that consist of 5 members named Thom Yorke(vocals, rhythm guitar, and keyboards), Ed O'Brien(guitar, vocals), Colin Greenwood(bass guitar), Jonny Greenwood(guitar, keyboards), and Phil Selway(drums and percussion) formed in 1989 in Oxford, UK first took the name of " On a Friday " but changed their name to Radiohead from the Talking Heads song " Radio Head " they performed the song Creep and in 1993 Radiohead's first album Pablo Honey was finally released, later in "95 Radiohead released The Bends which made the band's popularity skyrocket, later in '97 OK Computer was released and it became Radiohead's best album ever, making their popularity skyrocketing even more and it was nominated for "album of the year". In 200 the band released Kid A, it also became a hit but wasn't able to outsell OK Computer, in mid-2003 their recent album Hail To The Thief

now Radiohead continues to influence Britpop bands like Muse, and Coldplay and many more....
Elvis Costello, the Pixies, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., U2, Talking Heads, The Beatles, The Smiths, and Mancunian post-punk acts The Fall, Joy Division, and Magazine. Later influences include German art-rock band Can, electronic artists such as Autechre and Aphex Twin, and jazz artists such as Charles Mingus and Miles Davis were the bands that made Radiohead come to be
by Michael April 24, 2005

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(1) A man-ocracy that used to exist in America and made it legal for men to beat their wives and keep women from voting. Torn down by feminism.
(2) What ultra-feminists say is still in power in America when they're being full of shit.
(1) I just beat the shit out of my girlfriend. Then, I fucked her while two cops watched. Thank God for the patriarchy!
(2) It's amazing that any female senators have penetrated the new patriarchy.
by Michael May 11, 2004

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