The failure to so much as even achieve semantical coherence.
John, you just walked over to me like a ba'al worshipper mouth a'gape and stare blankly at me like a mad cow having a seizure - you don't even! John!..... John!!!!!! ......Does he even? *No, uh I don't think so, Sir* HE DOESN'T EVEN
by actuallyjesus February 22, 2019
An expression to be used when someone's idea is nonsensical or incredulous. Another way of saying a theory "doesn't hold water".
Person 1: "I think that communism is a viable system of government."
Person 2: "No way. That bro doesn't even lift."
by CabronDeOz November 3, 2014
A stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work that you just wasted your time, money and effort on.

Physical Examples include:
-Basically every electronic known to man
"God damnit this stupid piece of shit doesn't even fucking work!"
"Why the fuck is this shit not working?!"
"Stupid piece of shit!"
"Doesn't even fucking work..."
"Stupid piece of shit that doesn't even fucking work!"
by Henrey Spezialeinheiten July 4, 2020