to discern; to detect with the eyes or with the other sences.
I could not quite distinguish her face in the poorly-lit room, so I was not sure who she was.
by Morgan Tierney October 31, 2006
What Paul uses instead of OLD.
Paul, your grey beard makes you look OLD dude!

Paul: No, man. It makes me look DISTINGUISHED.
by alwaysyoung May 19, 2011
attractive, sexy older male worth of pussy.
Whoa, my date last nite was totally distinguished even though he lives in the raisin ranch.
by flatrabbitfan February 5, 2010
the active tense of distinguishing between persons, places, or things
Joey's distinguishment of reality and dreams has disintegrated.
by leroys December 1, 2010
The two male participants in a double vaginal penetration.
She couldn't wait to spend the evening with her two distinguished visitors.
by littlemen October 16, 2012
Not a gentle man, "DG's" are in fact flaming homos.
That distinguished gentlemen looks like his ass is sore and his knees are dirty.
by schue Shiner February 7, 2011