where you live, or where you reside.
ay steve,where you stay at?
by jaymi49 November 5, 2007
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taylor swift song that gets way too much hate you guys just hate being happy.
jane: omg are u listening to stay stay stay
julia: of course i am it’s an under appreciated bop
by el272727 August 14, 2021
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Stays are people who are very crackheaded and are most commonly described as Clowns.
Stays are absolute clowns.
by skzstays October 11, 2019
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welcome to stay kingdom, stray kids empire where everything is majestic, beautiful, fantastic and spectacular -Bang Chan 2k18
by hyunsungiee February 8, 2019
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Stray Kids (or Skiz;SK;Skz) lovely fandom. They are a pure fandom who’s only goal in life is to show love and support toward Stray Kids. In return, Stray Kids gives them love, hard work and incredible content back.
Did you see lovely fan on twitter?

Oh yeah! They’re a Stay!!
by StrayWithMe August 1, 2018
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Plural; Stays - Another word to describe clown. This word is used to describe a large group of people who believes practically anything you tell them.
Wow, those Stays sure are clowns.
by BTStraykids January 9, 2020
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To stay cooped up at home at night (typically on the weekends) and to wallow in either homework, TV shows or takeout food instead of going out with mates and partying all night long.
Sally decided to stay in on Saturday instead of hanging out with her boyfriend because she needed to complete her assignment.
by Barking September 26, 2010
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