Japanese counterpart of LOL!!!!
The more "w"'s you have, the more LOL!!!! you are expressing.
That movie was SO stupid. www
by Shizuyo September 6, 2008
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"World Wide Web". The most ridiculous abbreviation around, since to pronounce it takes nine syllables, whereas "World Wide Web" is only three.

Commonly used as the default name for a web server, to the extent that newbies cannot mentally cope with a url that doesn't begin with www.
Have you seen 'b3ta.com'?
Don't you mean 'www.b3ta.com', you newbie.
by manta May 22, 2003
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The only acronym that takes longer to say than the actual phrase it is meant to abbreviate.
World Wide Web - 3 syllables
"Double U, Double U, Double U" - 9 syllables
by John March 22, 2004
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not a useless abbreviation for World Wide Web as WWW is faster to type than World Wide Web.
1 www.fuck.com

2 Worldwideweb.fuck.com

Which would you choose?
by doc February 20, 2004
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"Where Were We". used when you got disconected from the chat room or when chating with someone on a social network and you wana pick up the conversation where you were before you went offline.
guy: i got dc(disconected). www ?
gal: oh we were talking about the weekend mess.
by smyname October 12, 2011
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woke white women

White college educated millennial women, that feel good about themselves by supporting BLM protests, to feel better about their "White Privilege and Guilt".
Even tho they're "woke", (they think that's how blacks talk), they are still racist and condescending, and feel black folks need them to improve their lives ...
OMG, AOC is such a WWW!
by Froiderick June 28, 2020
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common street slang for blow, coke & yayo. just like the internet, it is fast speed
bernie: " what are you doing in the computer room?"
jdub: " i'm on the internet. come on it"
bernie. " what's going on? oh, i see. well move over, i wanna surf the www also. gimme that straw"
by flava b (bernie mac) November 21, 2008
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