Short for sizzle, this word is used to reply when someone or some people are doing something very gay or very odd.
by Anonymous the Poster June 18, 2003
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Its a shortened version on "serious?" cozz it's easier to say.
Oh my god! Are you siz? LOL AT THAT
by Steph-InternetRoyalty June 11, 2007
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Siz is a woman and we don't like woman
Jeffery: Yo You Know Siz
Michael Scott From The Office: Randy Llanes impaled on the bill of a swordfish
by remhaDyreffeJ October 19, 2022
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adaab siz:no respect, asshole
pu allake adaab siz I will beat the f*ck out of you
by ttrroooy February 8, 2018
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Mixture of codeine and cough syrup that is served martini style with alcohol.
AKA- Syrup, Sizurp
"Get at me with some that Siz-erp!"

Reference- Three 6 Mafia's song (Sippin' on some syrup)
by C_Unit November 7, 2007
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Can be used as both noun and verb and in both singular and plural form.

A series of names, words, or other items written, printed, or imagined one after the other: a shopping list; a guest list; a list campaigns.

When the form of the word list would work but you just want to sound like a moron.

Usually findings of this word are heard from sub-educated lower class African Americans and smelly Anglo-Saxon hippies or crack heads.

This word finds its birthplace at the forefront of stupidity in the telemarketing industry when the originator asked the question "Uh, Uh...Uh..When are the list-a-siz gonna be fixed?".

When are da list-a-siz gonna be fixed?

Da list-a-siz in da 4.0 workload aint matchin stats.

Whadt list-a-siz am I loggin inta?
by Flakxx March 21, 2007
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