Circumsized is stupid mispelling of circumcised thus cutting out the Latin word's meaning: cut around. It is the surgical cutting away of the foreskin that covers the head of the penis. It takes 15 or 20 minutes to do. It usually is done shortly after birth in a hospital or clinic or doctor's office; 90% of all American infant boys are circumcised. A local anesthesia is used now. There is no pain. (Please don't believe anticirc statistics and distortions. They worship the prepuce/foreskin.)

A bris (covenant) for Jewish infants happens on the 8th day, the beginning of a new week, symbolic of the beginning of a new life under God. Circumcision can be practiced later at the beginning of manhood among African tribes and South Korean, Filipino, and Polynesian adolescents. Muslims have their boys circumcised at birth or later. It must be done before marriage. They emphasize hygiene. It is not really a religious event for them.

Adolescent and adult men, who admire the circumcised penis, also have it done, especially if their foreskin is too tight or they have recurrent infections there. It takes about 45 minutes under general anesthesia. Since Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day Roman Catholics celebrate it on that date. (January 1 or 2.. Many Christians honor Jesus by being circumcised both physically and an in the heart or soul.
I was circumsized on the second day after my birth. My mom and dad were right about it. When I grew up I found the right spelling. I don't have to clean up the residue urine, itch, and cheese under that foreskin twice a day. I have heard that the smell is really terrible. My wife likes mine especially for oral sex. As for "sized," just look at my German helmet--all purple or red. What a glans blooming when it could have been strangled by a tight prepuce.
by Ivy League 82 October 6, 2009
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Tamed by birth; hair cut for the throbbing stick of love
I could tell that he was Jewish by his dick -or-
I love going to temple its full of clean dicks
by chadchode May 11, 2003
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When you get the skin on your dick cut off (the excessive skin that's there, it's a lot cleaner and more sanitary)
I got circumsized when i was like 2 days old (i'm glad i did it then and not having to get it done this year)
by some polak November 2, 2004
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The end result of being circumcised, meaning having the foreskin cut off since it is an unncessary tag of skin which, when tightly binding the glans or tip of the penis, may cause infection and even disease.

"I was happy that my parents, who provided food and drink when I couldn't and gave me shelter without consulting me, took all their responsibilities seriously and had me circumsized."

"Counter to anticirc opinions, being circumsized or not has nothing to do with sexual pleasure according to a detailed study of many men, both intact and cut, in the New England Journal of Medicine."
by clean cut, MD December 8, 2005
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When God has promised you something bigger and then you get cut short
yea, im hung far down but your not cuz you got circumsized
by dadumbdude November 22, 2010
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Friend: dude did you know Nick was circumsized? Other Friend: yeah i know thats so weird... isn't that a jewish tradition Friend: then i guess hes a jew...
by th3mag1cman October 21, 2009
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