An expensive yet beautiful area of San Diego. Has a great beach with water warm enough to swim in; great for surfing. Houses and apartments tend to be extremely expenisve, so its better to just visit. And, its pronounced "La Hoy-a", so get right, losers.
La Jolla has the best beach ever!
by JM11 June 19, 2008
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La Jolla is the brightest jewel among the many precious coastal suburban sprawling beach towns along the Southern California coastline. Its recent decay has increased mainly due to its huge popularity among SUV-laden, upper-income surfing, hang-gliding, kite-surfing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, fishing, golfing, photographing, shopping, soon-to-retire baby boomers who want more parking. La Jolla is at the center of marine research, US Open Golf, a world-renowned research university and expensive student housing, chic boutiques, biotech startups, surf-dive shops, over-starred restaurants, beach-side retirement communities and more Taco Bells and McDonalds than you can shake a cane at. A marine wildlife haven, La Jollans give their beaches over to baby seals at the drop of a flipper.
La Jolla that beach, no humans allowed.
by real creature July 11, 2008
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A snobbish, well-heeled town in the San Diego city limits overlooking beautiful coastline and boasting amazing beaches. The city that is home implausibly enough to UCSD, and is known for its elitism, pretention, and subtle hostility to all college students and people who are not upper middle class.
That restaurant was so La Jolla. I can't believe they charged me $7 for a piece of toast!
by T December 7, 2003
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Aka. Little Israel. The most jewish place in San Diego. The girls are all spoiled sluts and the guys are all spoiled stoners who think their hot shit and badass, but totally aren't. LJ is currently being over run by JuMexs (pronounce Jew-Mex, not the drink but Jewish+Mexican) who should not even be considered a form of life. Everyone one else is jewish, as jew canoes dominate the streets. Also home to many of the worst drivers ever; rich women in big SUVs, old asian women in Benzs, and rich assholes with little dicks and $200,000 sports cars, all of which will tailgate you, cut you off, run you off the road, and/or hit you. Everything here is WAY more expensive than it should be, because nothing in this town is really that good, except for the beaches (but not shores because that's the gayest, Zonie Jewfest ever!). LJHS also doesn't give diplomas to people who haven't done drugs once in the school bathrooms over the course of their time at the school.
1. La Jolla girl: Like, oh my gawd, i was totally wasted and totally doing coke, when i blew 6 guys in my brand new Lexus.

2. LJ Guy: 1210, 420 bro. Blaze, keystone, blaze, surf, get D. Blitz.

3. LJ guy: beat it kook.
"Kook":*beats LJ guy's face in* Nah, i think i'm gonna stay
LJ guy: *Sob*I'm calling dad, he's a lawyer, and i'm gonna sue your ass.
"Kook":oh shut the fuck up, you spoiled, greasy, fuckin jewmex. Eat shit and die.
by MDMI March 8, 2009
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a school for dirty pathetic sluts who will have sex with homeless people for alcohol, if you don't surf or have herpes than you will not fit in at this school. must suck cock to be cool
i just did coke i must be a La Jolla
by asdfNO January 9, 2009
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the butthole of San DIego, nothing comes out of it but pieces of shit.
by CPL bitches!!! July 24, 2008
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The most beautiful and elite self-contained community of San Diego, home to such prestigious establishments as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, The Salk Institute, La Jolla Playhouse, and, of course, The Cookie Lady. The average La Jollan is wealthy and, in most cases, tan. Though La Jolla is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, it is a surf town at heart.

Some believe La Jolla to be snobbish, but the community members are simply very dedicated to their community and its improvement. They love their home, and for very good reason.

Windansea and Black's are the best beaches, La Jolla Farms is the most expensive residential area, and the view from the top of Mount Soledad is to die for. La Jolla was voted "The Best Place To Live In America" in 2002.
I am going to La Jolla this weekend. SWEET!
by anonymous March 15, 2005
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