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Those 12-14 year old girls who dress like underaged prostitutes..generally found hanging around malls.
Though they may not look like it, Prostitots are still illegal to touch.
by Joshua January 18, 2004

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cognac; see yak
sippin' on a pint of yac
by joshua February 04, 2004

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An expression of exhaustion or annoyance.
Shawn: "Hey Party, I wanted you to know I ate all your hashbrowns."

Party: "Gah!"
by Joshua January 10, 2005

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The act of defecating in the tank of a toilet. Also known as an upper decker.
I left them a top loader on my last day at the office.
by joshua September 29, 2003

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a person thats cool, and you like alot
your really fello, im a fello guy
by joshua March 21, 2005

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Popular IRC client. Derivative of ircii. Hacked up by panasync.
He's using BitchX, and you're just an mIRC lamer. Who are you to talk?
by Joshua November 10, 2003

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The shizzle of the nizzle at universitizzle of vermizzle.
we need parvez before we go drizzle the vizzle.
by Joshua March 09, 2003

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