In return, another time,once more
Can we please do this agin. (a-gin)
(another way of spelling again,but the same sound in speaking.)
Against, or in the vicinity of.
Dang, 'at 8-ball's nigh up agin 'at rail ain't she?
by sam middendorf May 4, 2005
The stupid/retarded/moronic/idiotic persons way of spelling "again" on the computer
Caroline: OMG N0T U AGIN!
Paulo: WHAT THE FUCK? Learn how to spell you stupid bitch
Jason: Yeah you fat fuck, what the fuck is your fucking problem?
Mary: Hey guys stop making fun of her
Pat: u guys r prolly gunna get hit bi me
by J-low77 May 4, 2006
yo look at that guy over there playin tennis, he is such an agin
by Duncan Anderson November 15, 2006
Aginning is a good way to shorten ¨Lets try this again from the beginning¨.
¨Okay choir lets try this from the aginning¨.
by Nepilepsy August 29, 2019
When you see a grown ass man or woman acting as if they are half their age and twice as stupid.
"Oh hell, there they go again." "Who?" Grandma and gramps-she's got his dentures again cussin' him out for being in da club!" "That's ghetto agin' for ya, immaturity at any age!"
by brooklynjmadison March 11, 2009
With a BIT of imagination you can picture your messenger friends by using IM agination.
No, my online, buddy, I'm not just a figment of your IM agination.
by Hercolena Oliver July 11, 2008